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HP released Stream 7 and Stream 8, Stream 7 is the cheapest Windows tablet

HP has released two more new tablets, Stream 7 and Stream 8. It is collaboration between HP and Microsoft. Both tablets will try to compete with the very cheap Android tablets which are out in the market now. It is just that the both tablets are running on Windows.

Stream 7 and Stream 8 will have similar design and both are running on Windows 8.1.  However, they will have different screen sizes. Stream 7 will have 7-inch display screen while Stream 8 will have 8-inch display screen as per their name.

There are no further details regarding their specs. But, according to the sources, both tablets will support HD display and comes with quad-core Intel processors. Both tablets offer 60 minutes of Skype monthly, a year subscription of Microsoft Office 365 Personal and 1TB of storage space on OneDrive. Stream 8 users will have an additional 200MB of free 4G data monthly until the end of the device lifespan.

Stream 7 and Stream 8 will be available in US starting of November. Stream 7 will be priced at $99.99 while Stream 8 will be pricing at $149.99. With the price of Stream 7, it is the cheapest Window tablet as of now. It is cheaper than Toshiba Encore Mini that was launched in the early September. It is not confirmed whether the two tablets will be sold internationally. Let’s just hope so.

HP-Stream-8 (1) HP-Stream-7 (1)

HP released Stream 7 and Stream 8, Stream 7 is the cheapest Windows tablet

Nexus X rumoured pre-installed with new Google Apps Folders

There are a lot of rumors about Nexus X or Nexus 6 from sources close to Motorola since a month ago. It is not decided yet whether the name will be Nexus X or Nexus 6. However, Google and Motorola were planning to avoid the Nexus 6 because of possible legal issues.

The device is rumored to feature a 5.9-inch display running on full QHD (2560 x 1440) resolution and will have a Snapdragon 805.  On top of that it is also will be having a 13MP rear camera, 2MP front camera and pre-installed with Android 5.0.  The design will look like a bigger version of Moto X.

The new addition to the existing rumor is that the rear camera will have optical image stabilization (OIS). The two grills on the front of the Nexus will be stereo speakers and the battery will be 3200 mAh.

According to undisclosed sources, the power and volume buttons will be moved to the lower part of the body. The home screen will be installed by default with Google Apps, but there are some interesting changes. There will be an additional of Drive folder which will include the Drive app, as well as the companion Docs, Sheets, and Slides apps.  Moreover, there will be a Play folder which housed Play Music, Books, Movies & TV and Newsstand. There is also a possibility of new messaging apps. Our best bet is that it is Hangout app. Since Google announced that the company will be changing the icon with a green color theme.

There is further detail on pricing and release date. However, the rumor claimed that it will be released around mid-October.

Nexus X rumoured pre-installed with new Google Apps Folders

Launching of Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Will Hit 140 Countries within a Month

Note 4Launching

On 24 September 2014 Samsung held the “Galaxy Note 4 World Tour” in the city of Seoul. On this occasion, the company spoke in detail about the availability of its new phablet. A few days ago, the Samsung’s representative disclosed that company will launch Galaxy Note 4 soon. On “Galaxy Note 4 World Tour”, it was officially announced that the Galaxy Note 4 will be released in South Korea on 26 September 2014.

International sales

The next thing Samsung plans to do is to make the phablet available in 140 countries within next 30 days. Samsung was not planning to launch the phablet in September, but Apple’s iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus duet made Samsung to launch Galaxy Note 4 earlier than scheduled.

Pricing and US operators

The price of the SIM-free Galaxy Note 4 in South Korea will be almost $920. So far this is the lowest price of any Note phablet. However, the price and availability of the phablet will differ from region to region for international customers. In USA, the pre-orders of Galaxy Note 4 are already underway. It is confirmed that on October 14, the phablet will launch on T-Mobile and AT&T.

South Korean operators

The fact is that the pre-orders of the phablet are already sold on South Korea’s three largest operators. SK Telecom is the largest carrier of the country, and it sold out its pre-orders in merely 9 hours. The other two operators are LG Uplus and KT, and they took only three days to sell out their pre-orders.

Galaxy Note Edge

At the moment, official information about Galaxy Note Edge like pricing and availability is not available. So far there are only rumors about the phone. The expected price range is close to 1000 Euros. The phone is said to be expensive, and it will be having a curved 5.6” 1600 x 2560 pixel Super AMOLED screen.

Launching of Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Will Hit 140 Countries within a Month

Snapdragon 810 and 808 Devices Are Expected To Launch In First Half Of 2015

 Snapdragon 810 and 808 Devices Are Expected To Launch In First Half Of 2015

Qualcomm revealed its flagship 64-bit chipsets named as the Snapdragon 810 and 808 in April. According to the Qualcomm’s Senior Director of Marketing, the company has already sent the sample chipsets to the device makers and the first launch is expected in starting half of the next year.

Exynos 5433 of Samsung and Apple’s A8 made by TSMC are using the technology that will be used by the Snapdragon 810 and 808, i.e. 20nm process. The present Snapdragons are using 28nm process.

The two new chipsets, the Snapdragon 810 and 808, are supportive of both operating systems – 32-bit and 64-bit. The manufacturers will have the choice to select the one they like. Snapdragon will support 64-bit Android L from the start.

These new Qualcomm chipsets are not the only ones with 64-bit support; other chipsets to support it are the Snapdragon 410, 610 and 615. All new and old chipsets use ARM processor cores and not new Krait design.

Own GPU is used by Qualcomm. Adreno 430 is the GPU for the Snapdragon 810, when compared with the Adreno 420 present in Snapdragon 805, it will increase the 30% performance. In the Snapdragon 808, Adreno 418 can be found which is 30% better than the old Adreno 330.

These two new chipsets will support LPDDR4 RAM. These two have Category 6 LTE connectivity on the wireless side which is common as the Snapdragon 805. The demos of the Snapdragon 810 and 808 devices are expected at CES.

Snapdragon 810 and 808 Devices Are Expected To Launch In First Half Of 2015

Samsung launches Galaxy Ace Style LTE with Super AMOLED Display in Germany

Samsung has introduced its new smartphone the Galaxy Ace Style LTE in Germany without much fanfare. This is a variant of the company’s Galaxy Ace 4 released in June this year. Galaxy Ace 4 has a 4-inch TFT display while the new Galaxy Ace Style LTE sports a 4.3-inch Super AMOLED display with a resolution of 800×480 pixels.

The new handset has been listed on Samsung’s German website at some places as Galaxy Ace 4 and at others as Galaxy Ace Style LTE. Actually, Samsung had released a low-end smartphone Galaxy Ace Style earlier this year and the new handset is its upgraded version with Super AMOLED display and LTE.

Galaxy Ace Style LTE packs a 1.2GHz quad-core processor, 1GB of RAM, 4GB of internal memory expandable up to 64GB with microSD card, a 5 MP CMOS rear camera with LED flash capable of 720p HD video recording and a 1.3 MP front-facing camera. The device is powered by a 1900 mAh battery that can last up to 11 hours of talk time for 3G and 9 hours of web browsing for LTE.


The Galaxy Ace Style LTE is a single-SIM smartphone phone and has a modern stylish design with a unique back cover distinguishable even in a crowd. You can differentiate it from Galaxy Ace 4 by the broad grey accent line in the center of its back cover. Its dimensions are 128.9×65.8×9.1 mm and it weighs 126 gm. The handset runs Android 4.4 KitKat. In terms of connectivity, the phone has LTE Cat4, Wi-Fi b/g/n, Wi-Fi Direct, Bluetooth 4.0 and NFC.

The smartphone appears to have been released only in Germany for now with no information about its global release. The Galaxy Ace Style LTE is available in Germany for €199 in Black and White colors.

GalaxyAceStyleLTE- 2


Samsung launches Galaxy Ace Style LTE with Super AMOLED Display in Germany

Meizu MX4 to Get Dual SIM, Here’s a Leak Confirming It with YunOS in tow

A snap and a group of screenshots of a dual-SIM Meizu MX4 have created their mode to Weibo. The phone is imagined to be the Meizu MX4 mini and therefore the screenshots reveal the phone is running a custom ROM created by retail immense Alibaba.

Dubbed YunOS 3.0, the Android ROM aims to switch Google’s services with its own so as to supply a lot of relevant localized content. The screenshots that you’ll verify below show dual-network displays on the top left.









The mini version of the Meizu MX4 is reported to sport a 5″ show and pack a MediaTek MT6732 chip with quad-core 64-bit CPU. However, this can be still a wild rumour and zip substantial has leaked thus far to substantiate it.

Meizu launched the MX4 within the starting of Sept with a 5.36″ IPS display of 1152×1920 resolutions. It’s hopped-up by the most recent generation MediaTek MT6595 chipset. It offers associate degree octa-core CPU with four Cortex-A17 cores @ 2.2GHz and 4 Cortex-A7 cores @ 1.7GHz cores. Moreover, the corporate has been leaked to arrange associate degree MX4 Pro. It’s aiming to escort an equally sized display, however with a bumped resolution of 2,560×1, 536.

The Meizu MX4 Pro can apparently be hopped-up by a Samsung Exynos 5430 chipset, which is able to feature associate degree octa-core CPU. This may have four Cortex-A17 cores clocked at up to 2.6 GHz, and 4 Cortex-A15 cores clocked at up to 2.1 GHz. Aiding the highest notch SoC can apparently be no but 4GB of RAM.

Meizu MX4 to Get Dual SIM, Here’s a Leak Confirming It with YunOS in tow

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ZeroLemon has confirmed 9000mAh Battery for LG G3

The best battery maker for Smartphone, ZeroLemon Company has confirmed to set a new powerful 9000mAh battery for LG G3 Smartphone. The extremely powerful 9,000mAh battery will hold enough power for the LG G3 Smartphone.

The new 9,000mAh battery power does not need to be charged most often. The battery has enough power to give the users long time usability. The battery is attached to the back case and it will have a button on the backside that you need to press to active the actual button.

ZeroLemon has confirmed 9000mAh Battery for LG G3

However, this can be a tactile thing for the user who are not used to it. The battery case will always play the role of protective shield of your Smartphone from drops and earthquakes.

No doubt that, ZeroLemon will cover you and your phone with the large battery power as well as the looks, general usability and functionality of the new upcoming LG G3 Smartphone.

ZeroLemon has confirmed 9000mAh Battery for LG G3

Huawei Honor Tablet: 8-inch tablet with 3G Phone Function

Huawei has introduced Huawei Honor Tablet this week. The special feature of this tablet is that even though it is a tablet but it can make phone calls and send out SMS. The device is expected to launch on October 16, 2014. The pre-order starts in Malaysia on September 29, 2014 with pricing around $183.

Huawei Honor tablet will come with 8-inch HD IPS screen and 3G Full Phone Call function.  It has a decent resolution of 1280 X 800 pixels and runs on a Quad-Core 1.2 GHz Snapdragon 200 CPU, 1 GB RAM and 16 GB of internal storage. It has 2 cameras, one found on the back is the 5MP camera, while in front; it is a 3MP VGA camera.  The body is made of metal alloy and it is 7.9mm thick and weight of 360g. It supports 3G HSPA+ with speeds up to 42Mbps. Moreover, it is pre-installed with Android 4.3 with Emotion UI 1.6.

It is suitable for users who wants to have the best of smart phones and tablet. It has bigger screen size that most of the smart phones but it has capability of making phone call and sending out SMS which most of the tablets is not able to do so currently.

Huawei Honor Tablet: 8-inch tablet with 3G Phone Function

Finally, Android Apps which use Encryption to hide files

With the current capability of smart phones, we can do basically most of the things related to our work on it.  Therefore, it is not surprising if we have some of the sensitive data which we want to hide even when somebody takes our smart phone away. The sensitive data that we are referring to in this article such as financial documents, sales reports, archives, images, or even videos.

Now, we are able to do so by using Andrognito. Andrognito is a free app for Android which can easily store your sensitive data securely in your smart phone. It offers three layers of encryption to hide all the data in real time. The apps prompt you to enter your PIN when you open it. If you forgot the PIN, you just need to answer the security question. It is that simple! And it works fast too.

On top of that, Andrognito also resists brute-force attacks. If there are three failed logins, the apps will automatically lock it for 15 minutes. If you uninstall the apps, you will not lose the data that you keep in the apps since it has a feature named Automatic Vault Backup feature.

Andrognito can be downloaded from Google Play. You do not need to “root” your Android to install it. The first time you run the app, you will be prompted to create a username and PIN. After that, you can use it as per normal.

Finally, Android Apps which use Encryption to hide files

Apple And NGMN Working To Define 5G Standards

Apple has joined the group and expects to be one of those companies that is playing a part in defining the standards of 5G networks according to the (NGMN) Next Generation Mobile Networks Alliance.

From 19 Carriers the Chief Technical Operators met in Barcelona in past February to discuss the “end to end” requirements for 5G Coverage. Particular mobile operators and equipment vendors are already testing 5G.Samsung said that it hit the 1Gbps mark in tests In May of 2013. The company said that it required 64 antennas to achieve their desired goal. The company think that 5G networks will be ready for commercial use by 2020. A feature film can be downloaded and installed on your phone with in a few Seconds in 5G speeds. Furthermore Apple, the NGMN Alliance give a warm to a new members in Dutch cable TV operator Ziggo, and China’s Peking University.

Dresden already has built a 5G lab where they can run tests on hardware and software related to 5G networks and technology, including tests on chips, spectrum, and cloud storage and computing.

“Vodafone is proud to be taking a leadership role in the development of the next generation of wireless communications. While 5G is in very early stages of development it’s important that we invest the time and effort to really understand the technology. There are several years of research ahead of us and Vodafone looks forward to working closely with Dresden and its other partners around the world to build a technical foundation for the next generation of mobile communications.”-Luke Ibbetson, R&D Chief, Vodafone


Apple And NGMN Working To Define 5G Standards

Archos Launches Two Budget Android Smartphones

Archos launched two Android smartphones that have versatile look and have great features. Archos 45c Platinum and the Archos 50b Platinum are budget priced handsets powered by the quad-core processor. CPU has extraordinary performance. This CPU handle the most demanding tasks.


Archos - 2 - DoiToshin

Archos 45c Platinum having a 4.5 inch screen with the resolution of 480 x 854. The Archos 45c Platinum have quad-core 1.3GHz processor MediaTek MT6582 CPU Which ensures a smoother and snappier performance Android 4.4.2. On board 512MB of RAM, along with 4GB of native storage, 64GB capacity microSD slot is included. For photo the phone has 5MP rear – facing camera, 2MP camera adorns the front of the device. For connectivity, the Archos 45c Platinum features 3G, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. A 1700mAh battery powers the unit. You can swap out the back cover depending on how you feel, using three interchangeable covers in blue, black, pink, that come out of the box.

The Archos 50b Platinum having a 5 inch screen with the resolution of 540 x 960. A quad-core 1.3GHz MediaTek 6582 processor. On board 512MB of RAM, along with 4GB of native storage. Maximum 64GB microSD card support. For Photos this Mobile Phone have 8MP Back Camera and 2MP front Camera. Having 1900mAh cell keeps the gerbils spinning on the wheel. This model has dual SIM supports, having protective case that is right out of the box. The Archos 50b comes with three beautiful rear covers black, pink and blue. With 3G, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity, this phone will set you back $119.

Archos Launches Two Budget Android Smartphones

ProtonMail - The secure NSA-Proof Switzerland based email provider

After the NSA surveillance scandal broke out, many people were concerned about their privacy, worrying that the National Security Agency or anyone else might be checking on their emails. Some students from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Harvard got together and developed a new super-secure alternative to other email services, the ProtonMail.

As ProtonMail founder and front-end developer Jason Stockman told The Huffington Post:

“It was the Snowden leaks that got us started. A lot of us at the time were working at CERN, the nuclear research facility in Switzerland, and we started hearing about all this and we really freaked out. We ended up posting on Facebook about privacy issues, and it just grew from there.”

ProtonMail - 2

ProtonMail was founded in 2013 by a team of scientists who met at CERN in Geneva, Switzerland with a goal to offer “a more secure and private internet” to protect people from surveillance carried out by governments and big corporations. The email service provider’s public beta launched in May 2014 allowing anyone to open a ProtonMail  Beta account instantly without waiting for invitation.

They have adopted an end-to-end encryption and the data gets encrypted in the browser itself before it goes to the server. So the ProtonMail has no access to these messages and cannot decrypt them. The company also hosts all their servers outside the US in Switzerland, where all the user data is protected by strict privacy laws and remains safe.

ProtonMail - 3 ProtonMail - 4 ProtonMail - 5 ProtonMail - 6

ProtonMail is easy to use and works in any modern web browser. It is also mobile friendly. It can be easily accessed from PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone. You can also send and receive emails from those who are not using ProtonMail.

Key features of ProtonMail include:

  • End-to-end Encryption

  • Swiss Based

  • Expiration

  • Compatible

  • Unsend

  • ZeroAccess

  • Scheduling

  • No Installation

  • No Ads

  • Free Forever

ProtonMail launched a fund raising campaign in June this year on IndieGoGo and raised $550,492 against a goal of $100,000 till the campaign closed on 31 July 2014. The company will use these funds to buy and host servers to support new accounts and to improve the service further.

ProtonMail - The secure NSA-Proof Switzerland based email provider

HTC M8 Eye with 13MP Duo camera rumored

Thre are quite a bit of rumors in the industry about HTC planning for its selfie-centric handset HTC Eye to be launched in coming months. Recently, @LlabTooFeR has tweeted that this very smartphone from would be called as the HTC M8 Eye. This handset is believed to be tweaked up version of HTC One M8 where its 4MP Duo camera would be replaced with a powerful 13MP Duo Camera. HTC would not change the front-facing camera keeping it to just 5MP making it a true “selfie” device.

However, the HTC M8 Eye would have quite a similar specs to the HTC One M8 except for the fact that its primary camera would be topped up with additional MP sensor that would allow more light to pass through the camera for better pictures. The device would come with Android 4.4 KitKat pre-installed topped up with the company’s own Sense 6 UI. The screen size for the device is believed to be slightly increased from 5 inches to 5.2 inches having a full HD resolution of 1920×1080 pixels, powered with a quad-core Snapdragon 801 CPU clocked at 2.3GHz, a 2GB of RAM memory, 32GB of built-in memory with 128GB of expandable memory through microSD card slot and a battery capacity of 2600mAh.

The HTC M8 Eye is expected to arrive in the end of coming month of October.

HTC M8 Eye with 13MP Duo camera rumored

Oppo N3 confirmed to arrive in two body materials of lithium-aluminum alloy and stainless steel

Well, the Oppo N1 successor i.e. the upcoming Oppo N3 is staying much in news. Recently, we spotted the handset’s press images along with rumor claiming it to be made of aerospace material. The latter has pretty much turned out to be true as the recent reports coming from the company itself show that the upcoming Oppo N3 is likely to be made of extra-light weight aluminum alloy used in the aerospace industry and would also have the swiveling camera aboard just like the Oppo N1.

However, this would not be the only version of the device. The lithium-aluminum alloy made Oppo N3 would serve to be extremely lightweight while the device is also expected to be arriving in another stainless steel material body that would give it extra toughness and durability at the expene of light weight.


We have yet to hear about the hardware of the device in terms of display and baked memory and chipsets. The device is likely to go official next month in October and we expect such news to be arriving pretty soon.

source: Oppo

Oppo N3 confirmed to arrive in two body materials of lithium-aluminum alloy and stainless steel

Second batch of Android One to arrive in December

Well, few days back, the search engine giant Google unveiled its Android One project in India with three device launched at a very affordable price. These three handsets are the Micromax Canvas A1, Spice Android One Dream UNO and the Karbonn Sparkle V all having quite similar specs and priced around 6.5K INR only. At the launch time, there were may other handset manufacturers that had shown interest in this Google project and had promised to join this initiative later this year. If reports are to be believed, this December we would get to see the second batch of Andrid One handsets getting unveiled. Karbonn is likely to come with its one more Android One handset along with other Indian manufacturer Intex to join the club.

Revising the list of Android One hardware partners it includes some very prominent companies like Asus, Lenovo, HTC, Lava, Alcatel, Panasonic, Xolo and Acer. We can expect these companies to make announcements with their first Android One devices in the coming months.

Looking to the specs of the existing Android One devices, they include a 4.5inch display having 854×480 pixel resolution with dual-SIM support, 1GB of RAM memory, powered with quad-core MediaTek processor and a internal expandable memory. All these handsets have been launched with amazing offers with Google promising the latest software on launch for 2 years. Chipset manufacturer MediaTek has predicted that nearly 2 million Android One handsets would be sold in a year.

Second batch of Android One to arrive in December

Karbonn launches Titanium S5 Ultra exclusively via EBAY

After unveiling the Karbonn Sparkle V android one smartphone, Karbonn Titanium S5 Ultra another 1.3GHz quad core powered handset running Android KitKat OS. . Launched with an exclusive tie-up with eBay retailer, the new android phone is priced at Rs 6999 and packs a bundle of good features.

Though some of the features are better as compared with the Sparkle V Android One smartphone, the Android One is still a better option as it will get regular updates. The Titanium S5 Ultra is a dual SIM smartphone that sports a 5 inch qHD display (960x 540 pixels) resolution.

The Titanium S5 Ultra is powered by the MediaTek 1.3GHz quad core processor coupled with Mali 400 GPU. It packs 1 GB RAM and 4 GB ROM with expandable memory capacity up to 32GB via microSD card slot. This dual SIM smartphone also comes with 2MP camera (fixed focus) on the front and an 8MP rear camera with LED flash.

On the software front, the it comes with features like iFloat touch, Tile home display and enhanced video player. The iFloat touch provides direct access to Quick Share, Browser, Dialler, Video player & Messaging, while the Tile Home Display offers easy access to frequently used apps.

Additional features are 3G, 2G, Wi-Fi, GPS and Bluetooth. A 2000 mAh battery powers up the smartphone with estimated normal usage time of up to a day.

Looking at the number of android phones in India priced in the Rs. 7000 range, it seems like Karbonn Titanium S5 Ultra will find a stiff competition from the likes of Xiaomi Redmi 1S, Moto E and Micromax phones. Share your thoughts with us on the new Android device from Karbonn.



Karbonn launches Titanium S5 Ultra exclusively via EBAY

Apple Watch will be delayed further, sources claim

Apple Watch was launched earlier this month. It is expected to be shipped by early next year (2015). However, there is possibility whereby it will be delayed further. According to reliable sources close to Apple, Apple Watch has a shorter battery life. Other smart watches in the market such as Pebble and MetaWatch tend to last up to a week on a single charge while Apple Watch need to be charged at night. This was mentioned briefly by Apple’s Chief Executive Tim Cook, during the launching event previously.

Apple Watch has a user interface which is different than on an iPhone. From the watch, the users can zoom in and zoom out a map or scroll a list. Users can also talk to the phone and send a voice reply or even have it transcribed to them. It understands question in messages and then displayed a preselected answers which then users will need to select to reply to the sender. Music can be controlled on an iPhone via the Apple Watch. Creating messages can only be done using emoji or dictation since there is no keyboard. Not to mention that Siri is also embedded into the Apple Watch.

There is no further detail on Apple Watch battery yet. According to the spokesperson for Apple, it will be revealed closer to the launch next year. Like many Apple product, the battery cannot be replaced. Apple is working to enhance this feature and hopefully it will be done in time.

Apple Watch will be delayed further, sources claim

Tracking Feature in iPhone

Apple has introduced a feature which keep track iPhone’s users’ every movement since a year ago. This feature called, Frequent Locations, is automatically installed on any iPhone with iOS 7 or iOS 8 operating system. It keeps track of where you shop, where you buy coffee, or what the time you left your work. Thius it will enable iPhone to analyse the figure and find out where you live and work based on the frequiency and trips timing. However, Apple ensures that these data will not be used by anyone else without the user’s permission; it is just designed to improve mapping services.

Fortunately there are way to turn it off this feature. To access the feature, go to Settings, choose privacy option and then location services, scroll down to the bottom and select System Services. Click on Frequent Locations. The data will be displayed under the history option.  This will displayed with a map divided into districts and cities and dots, click on each of the dots and it will display the locations that you had gone to.

To disable the feature, select clear history, ensure that improve maps is deselected and turn off the Frequent Locations tab. Please note that the data will still be recorded, it only stops it being mapped into the map.

Finally, to stop logging, go to location services in the Privacy menu and disable it. Please note that this will make you unable to use the iPhone’s mapping software.

Tracking Feature in iPhone

28 Eylül 2014 Pazar

Wind Turbines in Blimps harness high altitude winds to generate low-cost power

Wind turbines that we usually see consist of tall steel towers and rotor blades that harness power from the wind and convert it into electricity. Winds at a higher altitude are stronger and can be harnessed by using kites, kitoons, gliders and blimps. These devices can move around freely up in the sky and use the tether and cable technology. The energy generated by them is sent down to the ground through cables.

The Buoyant Airborne Turbine (BAT) developed by Altaeros Energies is one of them. Altaeros Energies is a Massachusetts company founded in 2010 with a mission to deploy airborne wind turbines to harness stronger winds and bring low-cost energy to remote places. Adam Rein, co-founder of Altaeros says, “The BAT is aimed at remote regions where power is more expensive, and where other forms of alternative energy are hard to achieve”.

The Altaeros BAT is an inflatable helium-filled aerostat 60 feet in diameter and has a light-weight 3-blade rotor turbine inside it. The BAT rises up 1000 ft. above the ground and sends power to the ground through high strength conductive tethers.

Altaeros Wind Turbines-1 Altaeros Wind Turbines-2

Wind speeds are 2 to 3 times more at higher altitude and more consistent, making the floating wind turbines more advantageous. If the wind becomes too strong say above 45 MPH, the BAT is automatically taken down by a winch to prevent damage.  The Helium in the BAT has to be topped up after about every 3 months.

Recently, Altaeros has announced a demo project costing $1.3 million where power will be supplied to about a dozen homes in Alaska. The company is also in talks to set up projects at remote sites in Canada and Australia. A group controlled by the famous Indian industrialist Ratan Tata is investing in Altaeros.  According to the company, BAT also offers a unique platform to expand internet and phone services, weather monitoring etc.

Altaeros Wind Turbines-3

Other companies like Makani Power (acquired by Google X), Ampyx Power (the Netherlands) and NTS (Germany) are also working on building floating airborne wind turbines.

Here is the company’s video introducing the Altaeros BAT:


Source: Co.Exist

Wind Turbines in Blimps harness high altitude winds to generate low-cost power

Xiaomi Mi3 to comeback in India During Diwali Season

The Xiaomi Mi3 is coming back after the roaring success during its short stay in Indian market earlier this quarter. All sales, besides the very first (when Flipkart servers experienced a crash), managed to last less than just 5 seconds. Xiaomi quickly learnt from its mistakes, and roped in additional units of the Redmi 1S for subsequent sales and put Mi3 sales on hold.

According to reports, the company is now flying in stocks from Hong Kong to bring the Xiaomi Mi3 and Redmi 1S ahead of the Diwali holidays in India, a season during which retailers have recorded monumental sales figures in past, especially in product segments like electronics and consumer technology.

Often known as Mission Impossible smartphone, its flash sales were sold out in seconds with thousands of people never managing to get the unit. Each flash sale was followed by angry posts on Xiaomi’s Facebook page. The fans were peeved-off by the huge gap between demand and supply.

Reports say the company is in talks with Indian retailer Flipkart to provide special priority passes to those unlucky Xiaomi fans who could not get their hands on Mi3 despite getting registered for flash sales.

There are no specific remarking about the pricing and availability channels, but there will likely be no modification there. Xiaomi will probably stick to Flipkart as its e-retail partner and will sell Mi3 for INR 13,999 (roughly $230). We are just hoping that Chinese manufacturer brings enough units this time around so they last for more than a few seconds.

Key Specifications of Xiaomi Mi3 and Redmi 1S:

ModelsXiaomi Mi3Xiaomi Redmi 1S
Display5.0-inch full HD(1920x1080p) IPS LCD screenPixel density: 441 ppi4.7-inch HD (1280x720p) IPS LCD screen with Gorilla Glass 2 shieldPixel density: close to 312 ppi (pixels per inch)
OSAndroid v4.3 Jelly Bean with custom MIUIAndroid v4.3 Jelly Bean with custom MIUI
Processor2.3GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 series quad-core CPUQualcomm Snapdragon 400 series quad-core CPU with 1.6GHz CPU speed
GPUAdreno 330Adreno 305
Storage capacity16GB/64GB8GB, expandable up to 64GB
CameraMain: 13.0-megapixel camera with auto-focus, dual-LED flash, HDRFront: 2.0-megapixel camera (with full HD video recording ability)Main: 8.0-megapixel camera with auto-focus, LED flash, HDRFront: 1.3-megapixel camera
Battery3,050 mAh; (non-removable)2,000 mAh (Li-Polymer);
Network2G & 3G2G & 3G
Add-onsMini-SIM, Bluetooth v4.0, Wi-Fi (802.11 a/b/g/n/ac), micro-USB v2.0, A-GPS, GLONASSDual-SIM slots, Bluetooth v4.0 (with LE, A2DP), micro-USB v2.0, GPRS/EDGE, microSD card slot,
Dimensions144.0 x 73.6 x 8.1 mm137.0 x 69.0 x 9.9 mm
Weight146 g158 g


Xiaomi Mi3 to comeback in India During Diwali Season

Oppo N3 with 5.9 inch screen, 3GB RAM & Snapdragon 805 Specs Reveals

The new Oppo N3 has been the subject of discussion that has leaked numerous of photos before. Two pictures were leaked on the cylinder shaped camera along with the swiveling snapper photo that looked like Oppo N1’s designed. The recent leaked picture of the n Oppo N3 shows the surfaced and design of the new Oppo.

The new Oppo N3’s screen resolution of 1080 x 1920 matches with the Oppo N1 but with a larger display of 5.9-inch and 373ppi pixel density. At the same time, the camera sensor will be 13 mega pixels with 206 degrees along with 3GB RAM and 805 Snapdragon CPU.

Oppo N3 with 5.9 inch screen, 3GB RAM & Snapdragon 805 Specs Reveals 1

However, there is some variation of the Oppo N3 because it offers durable building body and lightweight with Aluminium Lithium material. At the same time, this is stainless steel body that considering the version of Apple iPhone 6 Plus Smartphone too!

You can expect to have the Oppo N3 in the upcoming month’s Oppo event and more clear details.


Oppo N3 with 5.9 inch screen, 3GB RAM & Snapdragon 805 Specs Reveals

Leaked Photos of Motorola’s Nexus 6 Are now Live

Motorola-Made Nexus offers decent hardware with unadulterated Android OS at an affordable price that will reveal in the market upcoming weeks. After Google Nexus 5’s good success last year made by LG, Google owned Motorola for making the Nexus 6 device with a good design and features. Some of the sneak preview of the leaked pictures has published recently of Nexus 6.

The leaked photos of Motorola’s Nexus 6 are published recently via Android Police that indicates the very first look of the new device. It looks like Nexus 6 will be a huge Smartphone nearly 6-inch display but other features are discussed on the blog. However, the blog has discussed about the hard to spot front speak and its enormous display to the users.

Leaked Photos of Motorola’s Nexus 6 Are now Live 1

Nexus 6 will be the next Smartphone that will take the market of android Smartphones although Samsung has the only rule over the Play Store and Android market. Nexus 6 fans are eagerly waiting for the Smartphone although there is no specific date announced. However, all new Android L hitting will be from the next month and Motorola may be waiting for the time too!

From a good number of reports, Nexus 6 probably will have 5.9-inch QHD display with 2560 x 1440 display resolution that it bigger than Samsung’s Galaxy Note 4. Samsung Note 4’s display will be a plus point and looks better than the Nexus 6’s screen.

In addition, 3 GB RAM, 32GB internet memory with 13 mega pixels camera, quad-core Qualcomm Snap radon 805 will be other features that will run Google’s Android L software.


Leaked Photos of Motorola’s Nexus 6 Are now Live

Samsung Galaxy A3, A5 and Galaxy A7 price rumored

Over the past week, the “A” series models from Samsung are getting leaked with model numbers SM-A300, SM-A500 and SM-A700 and are likely to be launched as the Galaxy A3, Galaxy A5 and the Galaxy A7. Each of these three device have once again been in news with their pricing along with some more details for the Galaxy A7. However, rumors have said that these devices would be available only in few selected countries.

This might be a strategically approach from the Korean tech giant as it has recently announced the Galaxy Alpha and with the launch of Galaxy A7, it is quite possible that it might overshadow the Galaxy Alpha. For this reason, Samsung might bring up the Galaxy A7 only to countries where the Galaxy Alpha would not be released.

Looking to the pricing these devices would stand for, it seems that the Galaxy A7 would cost somewhere around $450 to $500, the Galaxy A5 would be costing in between $400 to $450 and the Galaxy A3 would be the cheapest of the lot costing in between $350 to $400. Note that all these prices have been assumed for the unlocked versions of these devices. Another good thing from the connectivity point of view seems the inclusion of 4G LTE connectivity. The device are likely to be announced in a very short time soon.


Samsung Galaxy A3, A5 and Galaxy A7 price rumored

LG Wine Smart is a new flip Android phone

Well it seems that with most of the smartphone manufacturers across the globe, adopting the full touchscreen design, it seems LG still has some charm to bring to the markets with its flip phones. The South Korean tech giant has announced its new flip Android phone the LG Wine Smart.

Heading for what the phone has to offer in terms of its specs, the LG Wine Smart hosts a 3.5inch HVGA screen with 320×480 display resolution. The handset falls in the mid-range segment and is powered with a quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 CPU clocked at 1.2GHz with 1GB of RAM support and 4GB of internal storage. At its back lies a 8MP primary camera with 0.3MP secondary camera to its front. The battery capacity of the device is 1700mAh.

LG Wine Smart

The good thing about this handset is that it supports the LTE Cat. 4, Bluetooth 4.0, Wi-Fi and runs the latest available Android 4.4 KitKat on-board. The device also features South Korea T-DMB technology for radio, digital TV and data casting. The handset is already available in its home land in two color options of Black and White. Take a look at the promo video of the device released by the company.

LG Wine Smart is a new flip Android phone

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Google’s Web Based Quantum Computing Playground for developers to play with quantum Algorithm

Google has launched a web based IDE (Integrated Development Environment) for developers to write, run and debug software which is required to use quantum algorithms. The idea of this is to make the developer develop and test the algorithm before finalized the product.

Why Quantum?

Regardless of a computer speed, the way it solves a problem is always been systematic. For example, if you have a guest list of a hundred people in no particular order, and you want to find a name from that list, you will need to find one by one, compare it with the name that you want to find until you get the correct name. By using quantum algorithm, it will do the same thing as this but it has a special function to detect any slightest abnormality such as entanglement and superposition of quantum states which can increase the efficiency of the finding thus it will increase the speed.

What is Quantum Playground?

Google has released Quantum Computing Playground. It is a web-based IDE interface which allows you to fiddle around with quantum algorithm. It is using a scripting language called “qScript”. By using the interface, you can simulates a GPU-accelerated quantum Computer and you can write your own programs, compile, debug and run them, all from Chrome browser.

It can simulate quantum up to 22 quantum bits but it does not enough to break RSA encryption. It also can run demo of Grover’s (quick searching) and Shor’s (fast number factorization) algorithms. On top of that, it also can display the result in 2D and 3D graphs.

Unfortunately, the guide of using qScript is not clear enough, so you need to have some prior basic knowledge of it before you can make use of this facility by Google.

Google’s Web Based Quantum Computing Playground for developers to play with quantum Algorithm

Next version of windows os will be revelead next week

There have been so many rumours about the next upcoming new Windows OS from Microsoft, especially for its features. There is not many detail of the name yet, but a lot of people refer it as “Windows 9” since Microsoft has always been using numbering system for its Windows version. However, it is rumoured that the next Windows OS will be at the different direction than Windows 7 and Windows 8.

Next week, there will be a special gathering for invite-only guests.  The event will be held in San Francisco.  Some of the major features of Windows 9 will be released. The most interesting question that we would like to know is what makes it different than Windows 7 and Windows 8. What will be the new features and enhancements that are going to be in Windows 9 version?

Microsoft is still deciding on the name of the product. It is not confirm that it is going to be Windows 9. However, there are still a lot of possibilities, it could be named “Windows X” or “Windows One” since the company’s new console and cloud service has “One” theme. It might even just be “Windows” for simplicity but it could also make confusion in the market since people might not know the “Windows” is referring to “Windows 7” or “Windows 8” or maybe even “Windows XP”.

Well, the best thing that we can do now is just to wait for a couple of days more as Microsoft will make its Technical Preview of its new product public by next week.

Next version of windows os will be revelead next week

New Technologies Adopted by Retailers

More and more shops are using digital to promote their items instead of using the cardboard displays or coupon dispensers like in the olden days. One of the examples is the usage of iBeacons app. The tiny GPS devices will activate smart phones in the nearby location to display weekly ads and coupons. The app will help to remove the difficulty of engaging customer and facilitate customer’s interaction. Unfortunately it will only works in United States.

Another example is the digitized shelf-level marketing with tools like Americhip’s Video Product Replicas, which will display screen small enough to fit inside a product mock up and play a 30-seconds promotional video. This will grab attention of older people who might not have digital devices.

A few other examples as per below:

Chip-Activated Video


How it works is that there is a RFID chip that is stitched on the clothing. Therefore, when a customer picks up the clothing, it will play a fashion video nearby. Some of the high-end retailers are using it such as Burberry and Kate Spade. Both claims that it has boost their sales.

Quicker Checkout


How it works is that a handheld scanner (U-Scan) is lent to a customer. It will keep track on the items which is dropped into the cart. This will eventually cut down the waiting time at the cashier. Another system (Kroger’s QueVision) will use predictive analysis and assign shoppers to the shortest queue.

Micro-Location Awareness


How it works is that if the smart phone user has a iBeacon apps installed on it, it will be able to know what are the promotions available around the area. It will also be able to help the users to find an item that they were searching for.

New Technologies Adopted by Retailers

Machine Learning to Improve Data Centre

Big data centre normally will use a lot of energy since the machines housed in it is running 24 hours and there are a lot of machines in the place. For the longest time, Google has designed and built data centres which use half the energy of an average data centre. Recently, they developed a new tool called machine learning to increase the efficiency of a data centre.  They also have released the white paper (PDF) on how they are using neural networks to optimize data centres operations and decrease the energy usage of the data centre.

Google’s data centre’s engineer, Jim Gao, knows well on the daily operation of the data centre.  From the daily operation data, Google do PUE calculation. It is a calculation to measure energy efficiency. The result is that for every 30 seconds, the data centre was tracking on total IT load (the amount of energy used by the servers and networking equipment at any time), outside air temperature (which affects Google’s cooling tower) and the levels which Google’s mechanical and cooling equipment was set.

Therefore with these data, Jim developed a model to analyze, recognize patterns and predict the next pattern and eventually it will help to improve the data centre performance.  After a few testing rounds, Jim’s models are now reaches 99.6 percent accuracy in predicting PUE. For example, if a few servers were put down for a few days, it will use less energy usage which in the end will have impact for the PUE calculation and in the end Jim’s model can be use to change the temperature setup. These kind of small tweaks can help in saving both energy and money.

Machine Learning to Improve Data Centre

Sony to hold its “Demand Great” media event in US on October 9

Soon after launching its Xperia Z3 and Xperia Z3 Compact phones in India, Sony is now holding a media event on October 9 in New York City, US. The invite has been sent to select media members and has the words “DEMAND GREAT” written on it in bold. However Sony has not declared what it plans to announce at the event.

Sony had unveiled its new flagship Xperia Z3 along with Xperia Z3 Compact and Xperia Z3 Tablet Compact at the IFA 2014 in Berlin. Since then, the company has been promoting these devices on Twitter with hashtag #DemandGreat. It is therefore a possibility that the Japanese tech giant will be announcing one or more members of its new Sony Xperia Z3 family in the US.

Sony Xperia Z3 family

T-Mobile of the US has already confirmed that it will be carrying Sony’s new Xperia Z3 flagship smartphone. Sonymobile’s official US website lists the Xperia Z3 as “coming Soon”, the Xperia Z3 Compact as “New” and the Xperia Z3 Tablet Compact as also “coming soon”. Customers can pre-register for all the three devices on the Sonymobile’s website.

Sony’s October 9 “Demand Great” event will be held between 1.30 – 3.00 PM eastern time. We will have to wait and see what Sony announces then. It is interesting to note that HTC is holding its press event just a day before, i.e. on October 8 to unveil its new Action Camera in New York City itself.

Sony Xperia Z3-Z3 Compact

Source: SlashGear

Sony to hold its “Demand Great” media event in US on October 9

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The best Material Design apps for Android till now

Material Design is the new buzz, and with the sooner-than-later release of Android L this Fall developers have been scrambling to get their apps updated to the new design language in occasion for the release of Google’s latest OS update.

Material design is a comprehensive guide for visual, motion, and interaction design across platforms and devices. It borrows from the good elements of Holo, the previous design language, and makes ample of new paths and design choices that set it apart from the rest of the masses  in the market.

Material Design apps makes the applications come to life, and developers are quickly realizing that this is more than just a simple visual refresh with the same old design philosophy.

Let’s take a look at the Material design apps that fully complements the visual identity of Android’s next major version.!

The best Material Design apps for Android till now:

1. Sliding Explorer (free)

Sliding Explorer is a file explorer boasting all the functionality you would expect of such apps, and its interface is a good example of Material Design in action.


2. S Converter – Unit Converter (free)

S Converter is brought to you by Sabri Apps, and lets you convert just about anything you could possibly think of.  With a super colorful interface that’s sure to turn heads, S Converter is downright gorgeous and wonderful to use.  Need to convert miles to kilometers, decimal to binary or just about anything else?  Give S Converter a try, as it’s free and features in-app purchases to unlock even more content than it comes with for free.


3. Wally (free)

Wally brings a immense library of wallpapers to you, and it even supports all the way up 4k resolution wallpapers and beyond.  Wally relies on the database provided by Wallbase.cc, and as such has a massive repository, all of which is presented in an ultra-slick and colorful Material Design interface full of smooth and interesting transitions and animations. It is free and so is the content, so what are you waiting for?  Snatch it!


4. Today Calendar (trial)

Today calender app contains all the features you would find in the stock calendar app, with many features getting slightly modified and rebuilt from the ground up to increase productivity and performance.


5. MindFlux Open Beta (free)

MindFlux is a new kind of material organization app that aims to get everything into one easy to use spot.  With a well-marked tabbed interface and colorful visual hints all over the place, MindFlux keeps what’s important at the forefront and easily lets you organize your information in the way that’s most important to you.


6. Between – Private Couples App (free)

Between is a secure way for couples to store and share their memories, providing an elite communication channel just between two special people. Features:

Chat: Fast, secure, and private 1-to-1 chat with specially designed stickers and stamps to help you communicate your feelings better.

Moments: Private photo album allows couples to store and share their cherished moments with each other. Enjoy and remember more of your preferred memories better in a timeline just for two.

Shared Calendar: Easy-to-use calendar to plan dates, notify partner about key appointments or travel schedules and to keep track of special days like anniversaries and birthdays.


7. Unclouded (free)

Unclouded is likely the solution for managing the crazy cloud inventory of files, photos and videos in style.  Presented in a tabbed format all your albums and other information can easily be shuffled through and managed, and Unclouded supports both Google Drive and Dropbox with OneDrive and Box support coming soon


8. Andrognito BETA – Hide Files (free)

Andrognito app can keep your confidential and important files which you don’t want others to access, hidden inside your Android device with its 3-Layer Encryption Engine. All the important files like documents, apps, pictures, videos are securely hidden inside a safe vault which nobody except you with the password can access, thereby giving you absolute control over your handset’s privacy.



The best Material Design apps for Android till now

Photos of RECamera, HTC’s new Waterproof Action Camera, leaked

A couple of day back HTC had posted a new teaser video telling us “Something remarkable is coming” and hinting at some kind of a waterproof camera in the offing.  More details about it are emerging now as HTC had also posted teaser images on its RECamera website. The new product from the Taiwanese company appears to be an action camera that could challenge the likes of GoPro and Sony’s action cam.

HTC RECamera-2

HTC has sent out press invites for their October 8 “double exposure” event in New York City when a big unveiling is expected. It was largely assumed that HTC will release a water-proof selfie phone. A Nexus 9 tablet from HTC was also anticipated. However, it now transpires that the company is planning to release its new RECamera at the event.

In the photo, RECamera looks like a tiny video camera having an elbow-shaped plastic pipe-like structure appearing like a small periscope. The camera is handheld but easily mountable. It can shoot slow motion videos and also works underwater. There is no screen on this device so it will be connectable wirelessly to a smartphone.

HTC RECamera-3

These images were discovered by a Reddit user on HTC’s RECamera website. The images have been subsequently pulled. The user also claims seeing a companion app for smartphones called REMoments.

Bloomberg had earlier reported about the device claiming that HTC was developing its first camera that would be waterproof and could be used for extreme sports. The camera will have an ultra wide-angle lens, a 16MP sensor and would connect directly to Android and iOS devices via Bluetooth and WiFi. The source also told Bloomberg that HTC might release its own Android and iOS apps to support the camera.

Well, we will have to wait for HTC’s October 8 event to know more about the RECamera. Stay tuned.

Here’s the teaser video:

Photos of RECamera, HTC’s new Waterproof Action Camera, leaked

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Jolla SnailFish OS smartphone now available via Snapdeal

A new stylish Jolla SnailFish is out on the shelves for Indians to purchase. Jolla Sailfish Smartphones are popular for their trendiness and style and are basically an mid-range device. They are finally hitting India vai Snapdeal. Snapdeal is currently the only retailer, who has the exclusive rights to sell the handset in the country. The price is at Rs. 16,499 which might be on the higher side.

The Sailfish OS, a unique OS made by Nokia-developers MeeGo Platform, is been used on the Jolla smartphone. The OS can run a good number of Android apps. The connection with Nokia doesn’t end here; the device has been created by former Nokia employees themselves.

The front comes with a black colored front surface whereas the rear face can be changed with the help of swappable shells. Snapdeal and Jolla are offering a unique offer for the first 90 buyers by gifting with a VIP box containing three cases worth Rs. 7000.

The spec is handsome and is composed of a 4.5 qHD display with an 8MP rear camera and a 2MP front one. A pretty powerful processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 process clocked at 1.4 GHz brings the device to life with memory support of a 1GB RAM module.

The key specs of Jolla Smartphone include:

  • Processor: 1.4 GHz dual core Snapdragon

  • Memory: onboard 1 GB RAM with 16 GB flash storage (supports up to 32 GB)

  • Display: 960 x 450 pixels, 4.5-inch

  • Camera: 2MP front, 8MP rear

  • Weight: 141 grams

  • Battery: 2100mAh

  • Dimensions: 131 x 68 x 9.9mm


Jolla SnailFish OS smartphone now available via Snapdeal

Unlocked BlackBerry Passport available for $599, company announces many new features

BlackBerry has officially announced its new flagship smartphone, the BlackBerry Passport on Wednesday, September 24 at three simultaneous events held in Toronto, London and Dubai. The device is available unlocked for $599 just as BlackBerry CEO John Chen had said earlier this week.

The BlackBerry Passport (unlocked) is available through ShopBlackBerry.com in Canada, US, UK, Germany, France soon after the launch at ”special introductory rates”. You can get the handset in Canada for $699, in UK for £529, in US for $599 and in Germany and France for €649. You can also buy the unlocked device through Amazon.com but the retailer has not announced its price yet.

Canada’s Telus is offering the BlackBerry Passport at an introductory price of $200 until October 1 after which it will be available at the regular rate of $250. The exclusive carrier for US will be AT&T. BlackBerry announced that the handset will be available in over 30 countries by the end of the year. These include Canada, US, UK, France, India, Austria, Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, Italy, Singapore, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Australia, Switzerland, Russia, Spain, Romania, Saudi Arabia and the other parts of the Middle East, Nigeria, South Africa, Vietnam, Mexico, Venezuela, Slovakia, and Colombia.

BlackBerry Passport-1

Special features of the BlackBerry Passport include:

  • The innovative touch-enabled Keyboard

  • Massive 3,450 mAh battery with 30 hours battery life

  • Big square 4.5-inch 1440 x1440 resolution screen

  • Natural Sound technology that gives high audio and call quality

  • The new BlackBerry 10.3 OS that comes with the BlackBerry Assistant

  • BlackBerry Hub with Instant Action feature that allows users to perform actions such as deleting a file or managing the inbox just by tapping the related icon etc.

  • Two appstores preloaded – BlackBerry World and Amazon Appstore and users will get 1 free Android app everyday out of thousands of Android apps giving them access to games such as Minecraft, Temple Run 2, Candy Crush Saga, Cut the Rope 2 and Pinterest. The BlackBerry OS 10.3 update will enable users of other BlackBerry 10 devices to download this too.

BlackBerry Passport-apps

Other features of the Blackberry Passport include 2.2GHz quad-core Snapdragon 801 CPU and Adreno 330 GPU, 3GB RAM, 32GB internal storage expandable up to 128GB via microSD card, a Nano-SIM card slot, a 13MP rear OIS camera and a 2MP front-facing camera. The dimensions of BlackBerry Passport are 128×90.1×9.3mm and its connectivity options include 3G, 4G LTE, Bluetooth 4.0 LE, Wi-Fi a/b/g/n/ac, Micro-USB + Micro-HDMI via SlimPort, USB OTG, NFC, GPS, GPRS/ EDGE, DLNA, Glonass.

Unlocked BlackBerry Passport available for $599, company announces many new features

Install iOS 8: Update iPhone 4S, 5, 5S iPads without losing photos and without enough storage

As you already know, iOS 8 download and iOS 8.0.1 download links have arrived for the Apple iPhone 4s, iPhone 5iPhone 5c, or iPhone 5s, your iPad 2, iPad 3(new iPad), iPad 4, or iPad mini and mini 2 tablets, as well as your iPod touch 5th generation media player.

Apple device owners who wish upgrade to the latest iOS need to be aware that the process requires from three to nearly 6GB of storage space. This is because during the installation of iOS 8, the device will require the presence of iOS 7, plus space is needed for unzipping software before they are later compressed.

The following guide will assist you in downloading and installing iOS 8 on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch the right way.

 Clean Install

The recommended way to install a latest iOS 8 update is to clean install it. Restoring your device to a clean install of iOS 8 will help you get the best performance out of your handset.

Step 1: Download iTunes 11.4 for Windows or Mac.

Step 2: Before you initiate installing iOS 8, you must have a complete backup of your device either via iTunes or via iCloud.


Step 3: After completion of backup, download iOS 8 links from here. Or, download iOS 8.0.1 links from here.

Step 4: Start iTunes. On your Mac, hold the Alt key (on Windows PC, this will be the Shift key), and click on the Restore iPhone button. iTunes will then allow you to select the .IPSW you downloaded in the previous step. Select it.

Step 5: Now it will start installing iOS 8/ 8.0.1 on your device. Once done, you will be all set to go on iOS 8.



OTA Update

iOS 8 / 8.0.1 update is also available as an OTA download for supported devices running iOS 7.x or 8.0. Again, before continuing with the OTA update, you must make a complete backup of your device either via iTunes or via iCloud. Also make sure you have at least 6GB or more free space available on your device to update to iOS 8. Much lesser space is needed if you are updating to 8.0.1 from 8.0. If you r planning to update using this method, connect your iOS device to a stable Wi-Fi connection and then simply navigate to Settings > General > Software Update and you’ll be ready to go.

Update: Here are all the direct download links.

iOS 8.0:

iOS 8.0.1:




Install iOS 8: Update iPhone 4S, 5, 5S iPads without losing photos and without enough storage