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Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge alleged official press photos surface

It’s just a matter a day when we are to hear an official announcement for the Samsung Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge. However, a huge leaks from CNET Korea arrives which shows some official press renders for the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge.

Take a look at the images below that shows the illustration for all the rumors and leaks, with a very slight curve of the screen which is much narrower than the curve of the Galaxy Note Edge. Looking to some of the back panel images, you will see a bit bulky protruding camera here.

As earlier seen in one of the leaked renders for the Galaxy S6, the home key has gone bit larger that would feature a new touch based fingerprint sensor and the Galaxy S6 Edge is also said to have a heart sensor. Tomorrow as we get with all the official details post launch, in the meanwhile take a look at the leaked images below.

Samsung-Galaxy-S6-Edge-alleged-official-renders (2) Samsung-Galaxy-S6-Edge-alleged-official-renders (3) Samsung-Galaxy-S6-Edge-alleged-official-renders (4) Samsung-Galaxy-S6-Edge-alleged-official-renders (5) Samsung-Galaxy-S6-Edge-alleged-official-renders (6) Samsung-Galaxy-S6-Edge-alleged-official-renders

source: CNET Korea

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge alleged official press photos surface

Kyocera to showcase a solar-powered handset at the MWC 2015 expo

Kyocera is know in coming with stronger built and rugged smartphones as it did with the sapphire glass display with its DuraForce. When it comes wto coming up with smartphones with novel ideas, Kyocera is always at the front. One such example is about its interesting concept called Proteus which is a flexible device that can transfer the handset into a wearable and back.

Now, the company is all set to unveil a new handset at the MWC 2015 expo next week that comes with a Wysips Crystal technology which allows the handset to charge itself from light sources. The Wysips component is a layer, that can be placed below or above the touchscreen panel. This is a very ultrathin component and does not have any significant effect in icreasing the thickness of the handset.

This is the first of its king solar-poered charging handset. There are many such other tech projects going that feature charging ot batteries with the use of sound and the recent Microsoft’s light beam charging methods. Take a look at the video below.

via: G for Games

Kyocera to showcase a solar-powered handset at the MWC 2015 expo

Mega Deals Signed Between Samsung and Two Tech Giants for DDR4 RAM Supply

Dealsmega deals

Multibillion deals have been signed between Samsung and Apple, and also between Samsung and LG. The deals are about supplying next generation RAM modules from Samsung to Apple and LG for their new flagship mobile phones, probably, Apple iPhone 6S (iPhone 7) and LG G4. This is what Korean media has disclosed recently; however, it is not exactly mentioned what type of RAM (random access memory) Samsung will be supplying to the other two tech giants.

Samsung’s actions

Short while ago, Samsung made an announcement that the production of next generation DDR4 RAM and DDR3 RAM (“stackable” 3GB RAM/32 GB storage combo) has been started; both are made with 20nm process. There is a high chance that the deals are about DDR4. It is quite hard that Apple will accept anything less than that for the upcoming iPhone 7. On the other hand, LG has already released the G Flex 2 which is the first mobile phone with DDR4 RAM. Therefore, it is next to impossible that G4 is not going to have DDR4 RAM.

Industry reports

A source from the industry revealed that for LG G4 smartphone, LG Electronics will get 100% mobile DRAM chips from Samsung under this agreement. In the month of April, LG will unveil the G4 smartphone. Samsung is also going to provide the 50% amount Apple requires for its new iPhone that might be called iPhone 6S.

DDR4 is better

The question arises why DDR4 is a better choice for these two smartphones than DDR3. The advantages of DDR4 are many; it has double density; it has better I/O performance for starters; Samsung is willing to manufacture it with frugal 20nm production method. In short, everything about it is great. Moreover, the reports confirm that Samsung is going to supply more than 70% of Apple’s new A9 chipset which is reserved for the iPhone 7. Therefore, Samsung’s chip business will surely flourish.

Mega Deals Signed Between Samsung and Two Tech Giants for DDR4 RAM Supply

New Pebble Time Smartwatch Presented on Kickstarter

New Pebble Time Smartwatch Presented on Kickstarter

The latest Pebble Time smartwatch has been launched publicly, and it consists of latest kind of Timeline user interface with a colorful screen along with similar battery life of 7-days.

The new remarkable timeline UI has got everyone talking about the Pebble Time, having overwhelming animations and visibly faster working with improved responding made it even better than Pebble’s original interface.

Fortunately the same awesome interface will be included in the upcoming Pebble Steel smart-watches and is integrated in the present Pebble. Another unique feature included in the Pebble Time is the microphone.

This enables a user to leave short voice mails, which is an efficient quality, but it should be kept in mind that the company is not marketing the smartwatch as a replacement of mobile phones.

The weight and size of the Pebble Time has also been reduced.

On comparing it with original Pebble the thickness of the Pebble Time is 20% less and its body measures 0.37″ (9.5mm).

However the appearance of Pebble Time is quite toy-ish plastic, but metal is used to make the bezel.

From beginning one thing is understood clearly that visual of this smart-watch resembles famous standard wristwatches.

A little bit of curve is added in its structure so it sets correctly on natural shape of the wrist and fit more comfortably.  It has a scratch-resistant Gorilla Glass screen.

It is somewhat water resistance and it can be wore while surfing and swimming but taking it for a dive or staying underwater for a long time would not be a good idea.

New Pebble Time Smartwatch Presented on Kickstarter

Huawei announces 4.5G Smartband, the first LTE-M wearable in the market

Huawei has announced a new 4.5G Smartband at its event in London. As the name suggests, it supports the next gen 4.5G LTE connectivity and the company claims it to be the first wearable supporting LTE-M network. The Huawei 4.5G Smartband will be rolling out commercially next year.

Huawei has not revealed specifications of the wearable but more details are expected at the next week’s MWC. If the 4.5G Smartband is similar to its current smartband TalkBand B1, it may sport a 1.4-inch OLED screen, Bluetooth connectivity and NFC. It will also have dust and water resistance.

The company however revealed that the device will incorporate an LTE-M chip made by Neul, a startup it had acquired last year. Huawei claims that the chip will make “cellular Internet of Things (IoT)” a reality.

Like other smartbands, the Huawei 4.5G Smartband will track wearer’s fitness and monitor the heart rate. It will also pair with other IOT gadgets like energy readers and small thermostats. Huawei’s 4.5G LTE network will deliver up to 1GB/sec data speeds and will enable technologies such as Drones and virtual reality, and also boost industry applications like smart metering.

Huawei 4.5G Smartband announcement-2

Huawei’s president of products and solutions, Ryan Ding, said that the 4.5G network will be “the first time that a mobile network is not focused on people, but on people and things“.

Huawei says, “4.5G supports up to 100K per cell connections via LTE-M, 100 times that of 4G. LTE-M also provides better coverage. Receivers require just 1/100th of the signal of existing 2G system, 20dB gain, using low-power terminals.”

The company is expected to showcase its new 4.5G Smartband at the MWC next week and we will know more details about it soon.

Source The Inquirer

Huawei announces 4.5G Smartband, the first LTE-M wearable in the market

Earbuds for Samsung Galaxy S6 leaks in detailed images. Resembles Apple’s EarPods

The Samsung Galaxy S6 along with its Galaxy S6 Edge is soon to be announced this Sunday and now detailed images for its earbuds have leaked out in the wild. Well, after almost every detail about the two Samsung flagship handsets have been leaked and now the accessories earbuds have also surfaced.

Here are the alleged images which are said to be the earbuds for the Samsung Galaxy S6 and the leak has arrived from Vietnam spooted by the famous Samsung tech website SamMobile. Take a closer look at the images, they very much resemble similar to the Apple earpods which come with iPhone. The images show a very classy design and have been detailed.

Just hold some patience for few more time as we will get you with all the official details for the handset on Sunday. Take a look at all the images below.

Samsung-Galaxy-S6-earbuds (2) Samsung-Galaxy-S6-earbuds (3) Samsung-Galaxy-S6-earbuds (4) Samsung-Galaxy-S6-earbuds (5) Samsung-Galaxy-S6-earbuds (6) Samsung-Galaxy-S6-earbuds (7) Samsung-Galaxy-S6-earbuds (8) Samsung-Galaxy-S6-earbuds (9) Samsung-Galaxy-S6-earbuds (10) Samsung-Galaxy-S6-earbuds (11) Samsung-Galaxy-S6-earbuds (12) Samsung-Galaxy-S6-earbuds (13) Samsung-Galaxy-S6-earbuds (14) Samsung-Galaxy-S6-earbuds (15) Samsung-Galaxy-S6-earbuds (16) Samsung-Galaxy-S6-earbuds (17) Samsung-Galaxy-S6-earbuds

source: SamMobile

Earbuds for Samsung Galaxy S6 leaks in detailed images. Resembles Apple’s EarPods

HTC One M9 pays visit to GFXbench

The HTC One M9 which is expected to be unveiled this Sunday at the 1st of March, has been spotted in leaks quite a number of times with many of its specs getting leaked. Now the device has recently paid a visit to GFXbench confirming most of its earlier leaked specs.

The HTC One M9 is said to have a 5-inch display having a resolution of 1080 x 1920 pixels. It would have a 64-bit octa-core Snapdragon 810 chipset clocked at 2.0GHz with 3GB of RAM storage and 32GB of internal storage with 128GB of expandable storage via microSD card slot. The handset would be running the Android 5.0 Lollipop skinned with Sense 7.0 UI. To its back would be a 20MP camera and 4MP UltraPixel camera to its front. The device would be having a 2840mAh of battery life.

In addition to the HTC One M9, we also expect its higher variant the HTC One M9 Plus with a 5.2inch display and 1440×2560 pixel resolution and other top-end specs besides it.


source: Mobifo.nl (translated)

HTC One M9 pays visit to GFXbench

VAIO to unveil its first handset on March 12th

After Sony sold of its much famous VAIO brand, there have been a lot of rumors about the company planning to have its own line of devices, under the VAIO brand. Now recent reports show that it might be very soon unveiling its first smartphone next month on March 12th.

The upcoming VAIO handset is tipped to be coming with a 5-inch HD 720p display. Under the hood will be a 64-bit Snapdragon 410 MSM8916 chipset clocked at 1.2GHz. the memory options for the handset would include a 2GB of RAM with 16GB of internal storage. To its back would be a 13MP primary snapper while its front would have a 5MP secondary snapper. This means we would get a mid-range handset specs and the goos thing would be it would be running the Android 5.0 Lollipop out of the box.

More details regarding its pricing and availability would be available on March 12th.

source: BlogofMobile (translated)

VAIO to unveil its first handset on March 12th

Apple to hold a special event “Spring forward” on March 9th in San Francisco

Apple has sent out invitations for an event to be held March 9th in San Francisco. The title of the event is “Spring forward,” a reference to Daylight Savings Time which begins the day before. This clue leads us to believe that the Apple Watch will be the focus of the event, which will take place at Yerba Buena Center for the Arts Theater. This is a venue used before by the tech titan to introduce new versions of the Apple iPhone and Apple iPad.

Apple is now sending out invitations for a event which is to be held on March 9th in San Francisco. The company has given the tile of “Spring forward” to this event which is referred to the Daylight Savings Time that starts the day before. We believe that this event could be to focus upon the Apple Watch which is likely to release next month in April. The event is to take place at the Yerba Buena Center for Arts Theater. This is one of Apple’s most liked venue and the company has even unveiled its previous iPhone and iPad here.

Apple has unveiled its smartwatch already back in September 2014 along with the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus launch. We expect Apple to unveil pricing for its timepiece at the event.

source: USAToday

Apple to hold a special event “Spring forward” on March 9th in San Francisco

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Google has Launched Android for Work Officially

Google has launched Android for Work officially. Android for Work was originally discussed in Google I/O conference in June last year. One of the feature of Android for Work is that it will allow users to use his own Android phone or tablet to do his work. Therefore your employer will not able to access any data from your personal apps and you are still able to use your device to do your personal stuff. Google has convinced some of big companies like Price WaterhouseCoopers to use their products and the company is hoping to win over more companies. The products that Google offers especially for enterprise customers such as Gmail, Drive for cloud storage, Hangouts for videoconferencing, Chromebooks, Maps, and, the most recent, Android.

There are four main parts of Android for Work, Work profiles, Android for Work app, Google Play for Work as well as suit for business apps. With work profiles, users will be able to create separate profile which they can use for personal or work purposes on one Android device. It will be completely separated from each other and it is more secured this way.  Work profiles will only be available on devices running Lollipop, Android’s latest operating system.

Android for Work app is developed for smartphones and tablets that cannot be upgraded to Lollipop.  The apps will be a seperate app which can deliver secure mail, calendar, contacts, documents, browsing and access to approved work apps. These apps can be completely managed by the company’s IT department

Google Play for Work is  a special version of Google’s app store. This apps store is targeted for companies so that they can easily manage which apps Android for Work that their employees can use.  In this way, it will simplify the apps distribution to the employees and that every deployed apps is approved by the IT department.

A suit of business apps is a list of apps by Google such as email, contacts, and calendar apps which designed to support both Microsoft Exchange and Lotus Notes. On top of that it also able to provide editing capabilities for documents, spreadsheets and presentations regardless whether it is done using Google products or other products.

Google has Launched Android for Work Officially

Softcard Support for Windows Phone is Terminated as Google Acquired the Technology

Softcard is a mobile payment service owned jointly by Verizon, T-Mobile and AT&T. Recently Google has purchased the technology behind this mobile payment service, however, just to be clear, Google does not purchase the company. This way is seen as Google’s way to compete with ApplePay which is provided by Apple. This process comes with a few changes. One thing that remains the same for now is that the app for Android will continue to work, therefore, users can continue to tap and pay at over 275,000 locations in the states.

It is recommended that Softcard users to download Google Wallet. Sadly, Google is planning to shut down the Softcard app and terminate Softcard wallets. However, the challenge is that Softcard users cannot easily switch to Google Wallet as personal information is not part of the transaction between Softcard and Google. Therefore,  after Softcard user has terminated the wallet service provided by Softward, the loyalty cards cannot be used.

On top of that Google announced that the tech company is also shutting down the Softcard Windows Phone app. There is no confirmation date on when the app will be closed.  Moreover, Google is expected to launch Android Pay at Google I/O. Android Pay is an API for developers who want to add a mobile payments option to their apps. Android Pay will be separated from Google Wallet.

Softcard Support for Windows Phone is Terminated as Google Acquired the Technology

Samsung and SK Telecom Plan for 5G Wireless with Data Transmission at 7.55Gbps

Samsung Electronics and SK Telecom, South Korean mobile operator, has formed an agreement for research and development on 5G Wireless data transmission which will transmit at 7.55Gbps in October last year. The two companies are planning to do a demo of the progress of their development at the Mobile World Congress expo in Barcelona which will begins on Monday. Mobile World Congress is the biggest event for wireless telecommunication technology which is held annually.

The data transmission will be using millimeter wave frequency which transmits over 6GHz which higher than the current mobile phone and Wi-Fi frequency. One of the advantage is the high speed whereas the disadvantage include poor propagation. Millimeter wave frequency is currently used in the direct-to-home satellite TV systems. This system requires an unobstructed transmission path to transmit data. Therefore, normally there is a dish installed together with the system that needs a clear view of satellite in the sky. It transmits millimeter waves at around 11GHz. Therefore, when used for mobile phone, it will require the same concept, which means walls, windows and other objects can easily interfere or even cut off the data communications.

To address this issue, the two companies are experimenting with a technique called  “3D beamforming”. It is a technique whereby the system able to sense the location of a smartphone and directing a narrow pencil-like transmission beam towards it. A cellular base station will then transmits signals over a wide area, but with more intelligent antenna systems in 5G wireless that could change.

Millimeter wave frequency bands are used to help alleviate crowding in lower frequencies, therefore, it is seen as the better ways to serve users in crowded cities for cellular carriers and equipment makers.  On top of that, millimeter waves are easily impaired by objects, therefore, the same frequencies can be reused in areas close to each other, most probably in narrow location, without fear of interference. All this aspects will lead to more efficient use of spectrum.

The two companies are planning to implement this technology in South Korea in 2020.

Samsung and SK Telecom Plan for 5G Wireless with Data Transmission at 7.55Gbps

Chase Announced over 1Million Customers Using Credit and Debit Card on ApplePay

JP Morgan Chase has announced that over 1 Million customers are using their credit and debit card on ApplePay service during the company’s 2015 Investor Day on Tuesday. ApplePay is a payment service provided by Apple so that the customers can make payment easier. The customers just need to tap their iPhone to particular terminal at the cashier and the payment is done. ApplePay was launched about 4 months ago and it is expected to grow over the next few years. Apple’s CEO, Tim Cook even called 2015 as the year of Apple Pay.

It is reported that Chase customers who use ApplePay tend to be younger with higher incomes.  The statistic shows that about 69 percent of the transactions were credit based, while the remaining 31 percent were debit card transactions.

“We were an early participant of Apple Pay,” said Eileen Serra, CEO of Chase Card Services. “We do continue to see good growth in the number of consumers that are provisioning Chase cards in their Apple Pay wallet.”

Another similar statistic was reported by Bank of America in January.  It is reported that almost 800,000 customers are using the bank’s 1.1 million cards on ApplePay service. Visa on the other hand, planned to introduce the company’s own network level tokenization service this April starting from Europe region. This plan will lay technological foundation for international Apple Pay rollout.

Chase-has-1-million-customers-using-Apple-Pay (1) Chase-has-1-million-customers-using-Apple-Pay

Chase Announced over 1Million Customers Using Credit and Debit Card on ApplePay

Acer to introduce a new Windows 10 smartphone at MWC alongside a new Android-powered Jade phone and a wearable device

As the Mobile World Congress 2015 is drawing closer, we are getting more and more news about the devices that will be showcased there. There is also a mounting curiosity and excitement about what other surprises the event will bring. Well, the news from Taiwanese company Acer is that it is going to introduce a brand new Windows 10 smartphone at the MWC.

Taiwanese company Acer is better known for its PCs and Laptops but it has also been rolling out a few smartphones over the years. A majority of its phones have been Android-based and very few were Windows-based, that too before Windows Phones came on the scene. Acer is now back in the Windows phone market after more than three years with its new Windows 10 smartphone at the MWC. Along with it, the company is also set to release a new Android-based Jade series smartphone and a new wearable device.

There is no information about specs, pricing or availability of the Acer Windows 10 phone. Windows 10 was officially launched in September last year but Microsoft is still giving some finishing touches to it and the OS only will be released in fall this year. So Acer’s Windows 10 smartphone will probably become available after that.

Meanwhile, we will keep you posted about Acer’s various announcements at the MWC as and when they occur. Stay tuned!


Source Focus Taiwan

Via PhoneArena

Acer to introduce a new Windows 10 smartphone at MWC alongside a new Android-powered Jade phone and a wearable device

LG announces Watch Urbane LTE, its non-Android Wear Smartwatch with mobile payments and longest battery life

Earlier in the month, LG had announced that it would introduce its new Watch Urbane at the MWC and also gave us a glimpse of the Suave, elegant watch through a promo video a few days back. All this time LG had an LTE variant of the Watch Urbane up its sleeve which it has disclosed now. Watch Urbane LTE is the world’s first smartwatch with LTE support and it will also debut at the MWC 2015 early next month in Barcelona.

Watch Urbane LTE has many upgraded features compared to Watch Urbane. It allows you to make LTE phone calls directly from it without needing a smartphone. You can also hold voice chats like a walkie-talkie, share your GPS location and translate foreign speech. Like Apple Watch, this LG watch too will act as an e-wallet supporting NFC-based mobile payments.


The battery also gets a jump from 410 mAh to 700 mAh, offering the longest battery life compared to any other smartwatch currently in the market. The display turns off automatically when you take off the watch saving battery life. The watch has three control buttons on the right side instead of only one in its predecessor. These buttons help in speedy navigation and quick settings.

Another interesting fact is that Watch Urbane LTE will not be running Android Wear but will run LG’s own proprietary OS that will be compatible with all smartphones running Android 4.4 and above.

As for specs, the watch features the same 1.3-inch P-OLED display with 320×320 pixels resolution and 245ppi pixel density, a 1.2GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 CPU, 4GB of internal storage and dust and water resistance with IP67 certification, but the RAM has been bumped from 512 MB to 1 GB.

Both the LG Watch Urbane and the Watch Urbane LTE smartwatches will be unveiled by LG at the MWC.

LG-Watch-Urbane-LTE-3 LG-Watch-Urbane-LTE-4

Source LG Korea


LG announces Watch Urbane LTE, its non-Android Wear Smartwatch with mobile payments and longest battery life

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MIT Files Petition Against Apple Over 1997 Patent

MIT Apple Apple in trouble

The internationally famous MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) has filed a lawsuit petition against techology giant Apple and its suppliers for violating a 1997 patent. According to MIT, 15 years ago two men patented a laser cutting technique which is used for making semiconductor wafers. These semiconductor wafers are used in Apple’s mobile devices and computers. In the lawsuit filed against Micron Technology in Boston federal court, MIT claimed that the company was aware of the patent when it used the technology. Micron Technology is providing Apple with DRAM semiconductor chips that are used in products like iPad and iPhone.


Patent history

The patent is about a specific technique which is used in a procedure that involves cutting a link between two interconnected circuits. In year 1997, an Israeli engineering professor named Joseph Bernstein and his fellow inventor Zhihui Duan filed the patent for this technology. In 2000, they were finally issued the patent. However, MIT claims that it has the rights to the patent; therefore, it should be paid the damages as well as royalties on all Apple products that contain the chips manufactured using this specific technology. .


Another case

This is not the first time that a famous university has sued Apple. In 2013, Boston University had also filed a petition against Apple. The university claimed that Apple used a technology for making an electronic component which is a violation of university’s 1997 patent. For this purpose, Boston University hired a Texas based law firm which was paid on emergency basis to sue Apple and a few other firms. The law firm wanted Apple iPhone 5 to be banned. A technology analyst anticipated that this lawsuit would be settled for an amount of $75 million so that Apple can continue with its work.

MIT Files Petition Against Apple Over 1997 Patent

HTC One M9 Will Have Loud Stereo BoomSound Speakers

HTC One M9 Will Have Loud Stereo BoomSound Speakers

One of the features that distinguish HTC One (M8) from other mobile phones is its Stereo BoomSound speakers, so it wouldn’t be rather shocking to hear that HTC’s new One M9 will also have the same audio technology included.It could be possible that it might not have the same speakers but would have even better ones.

Today it has been put forward by HTC that the One M9 will consist of even more dominant BoomSound speakers. A short teaser video has been presented by the company on Twitter, with a comment saying “get your hands on bigger boom.”

However, the video released doesn’t display much about the new HTC One M9, but it is quite clear that the mobile phone will have very thunderous speakers.

According to report of past, it could be possible that HTC teamed up with Dolby Laboratories so that it may set up Dolby 5.1 audio technology in its latest HTC One M9. Next flagship smart-phone of HTC will be announced at MWC on 1st of March, also on the same day Samsung has planned to reveal its new flagship handset.

The latest smartphone of the company will come in two variations, one of which would be the One M9 Plus with Quad HD display on 5.2 inches screen and other will be One M9 consisting of 5 inches screen with 1080 display.

It is supposed that both handsets will consist of advanced BoomSound speakers, but that can only be tell at MWC on 1st March.

HTC One M9 Will Have Loud Stereo BoomSound Speakers

Sony to unveil Xperia M4 Aqua at MWC 2015 alongside the Xperia Z4 Tablet

Although Sony probably won’t unveil its next flagship Xperia Z4 at the MWC 2015 next month, at least two other Sony devices are possibly going to make it. Sony accidently revealed its new Xperia Z4 Tablet a couple of days back giving rise to speculations that the Japanese giant would be introducing it at the MWC. Now according to XperiaBlog, Sony would also be introducing its new Xperia M4 Aqua at the event.

Xperia M4 Aqua will be the successor to Xperia M2 Aqua released by the company last year but Sony seems to have skipped a number in-between. Nothing much is known about the handset apart from the fact that it will be a mid-range phone and will come with Android 5.0 Lollipop pre-installed. As the name suggests, Xperia M4 Aqua will have a high level of dust and water resistance with possibly IP65/IP68 certification. It may also offer LTE connectivity.

A tipster has provided extracts from some official documents showing that the Xperia M2 Aqua will be running Android 5.0 Lollipop (software build 26.1.A.0.XXX). The documents also show the Xperia Z4 Tablet coming with Android 5.0 Lollipop but with software build 28.0.A.0.XXX.

Since the Mobile World Congress is just round the corner, we will get more information about them soon. We will be coming out with more details about the two devices as soon as we receive them. So stay tuned.

Sony-Xperia Devices

Source XperiaBlog

Sony to unveil Xperia M4 Aqua at MWC 2015 alongside the Xperia Z4 Tablet

Samsung Technology Experts are Getting Lured to Work in Apple

More and more Samsung technology experts are lured to work with Apple. Some of the things that Apple offers apparently is more attractive than what was offered by Samsung in terms of highly competitive salary and the benefit packages. Apple apparently has been aggressively persuading a few of Samsung talents in next-gen image and signal processing as well as in battery technology.

On top of that, Samsung’s ex-employees who are currently working in Apple are given freedom to do their tasks. All these experts are preferred by Apple since they are result oriented and willing to learn new things in order to get things done. Apart from the expertise in chip-making and image processing, apparently, Samsung has also knowledge on the battery technology for smartphones like the polymer technology which is likely to be used in the upcoming Galaxy S6.

Recently, Apple is rumored to plan to build an electric car. By acquiring Samsung ex-employees, Apple will gain knowledge about it since Samsung SDI is part of the team for making BMW’s electric vehicle dream comes true. All these hinted that there might be something brewing within Apple as the technology company also luring employees from Tessla. To know more about it, we might need to wait until there are more leaks.


Samsung Technology Experts are Getting Lured to Work in Apple

Motorola announces Moto E (2nd Gen), comes with Android Lollipop and 4G LTE

The “exciting announcement” that Motorola was supposed to make on Wednesday turns out to be for a new affordable Android Lollipop smartphone. The company has announced the next generation Moto E in two variants, the Moto E (2nd Gen) and the Moto E (2nd Gen) LTE which will replace the Moto E launched by Motorola last year.

Both the variants of the new Moto E (2nd Gen) support single SIM and will run Android 5.0 Lollipop out of the box. The handset features a 4.5-inch qHD IPS display with 540 x 960 pixels (245ppi) resolution making it a little bigger than the original Moto E. The LTE version is powered by 1.2GHz 64-bit quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 410 processor and Adreno 306, while the 3G version has 1.2GHz quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 200 processor and Adreno 302.


Other specs common to the two devices include 1GB of RAM, 8GB of internal storage, 32GB microSD card support and a 5MP rear camera supporting 720p HD video capture. The handset packs a 2390 mAh battery, considerably larger than the previous gen Moto E and lasts up to 24 hours. Its dimensions are  129.9 x 66.8 x 12.3 mm and weighs 145 grams.

The basic Moto E (2nd Gen) is available in two color variations, Black and White but Motorola grip shells and bands are available in several colors that make it attractive and offer protection.


The Motorola Moto E (2nd Gen) begins rolling out immediately after launch in over 50 countries in North America, Latin America, Europe, and Asia. It is available in the US on the company’s website and may also be offered by Verizon in the near future. The 3G model costs $119.99 and the LTE version can be bought for $149.99. Motorola has also launched a new website to promote the new smartphone – Start With Moto E.

Check out the video where Motorola President Rick Osterloh introduces the new Moto E (2nd Gen) :

Here are some more pics of the device:

motorola-moto-e-2nd-gen-4 motorola-moto-e-2nd-gen-5 motorola-moto-e-2nd-gen-6



Source Motorola, Motorola Blog

Via PhoneArena

Motorola announces Moto E (2nd Gen), comes with Android Lollipop and 4G LTE

A list of few apps that would come pre-installed with the Samsung Galaxy S6

With just 2-3 days for the announcement of the Samsung Galaxy S6, we are bringing you with some last-minute leaks. The popular Samsung website SamMobile, who have generally proved to be coming with right information prior to launching Samsung handset, has not arrived with a list of apps that would come pre-installed with the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S6 as with the the new touted TouchWiz experience.

There are rumors that the new TouchWiz for the Galaxy S6 has been tweaked making it even more responsive and faster. Here are some of the apps that SamMobile has arrived with! This includes Facebook, Skype, Galaxy Apps, All Google apps, S Health, S Voice, WhatsApp, Microsoft One Note and Microsoft One Drive.

The major surprise are the Microsoft apps released for the devices. Skype is now being widely accepted and coming it as baked-in app would not disappoint users. Apps like music player, Gallery and S Planner can be installed from the Galaxy App Store and not come pre-installed.

source: SamMobile

A list of few apps that would come pre-installed with the Samsung Galaxy S6

Samsung Galaxy Tab S 2 9.7 specs (SM-T815) leak on GFXBench

To get you something different from the Samsung camp apart from the Galaxy S6, we have now got the leaked specs for the much rumored Samsung Galaxy Tab S 2 9.7 inch (SM-T815) on GFXBench.

The specs show the device to be probably having a 9.6” display which is most likely the Super AMOLED display from Samsung. The device is said to have a 2048 x 1536 pixel resolution. The device will have a baked in octa-core Exynos 5 Octa chipset having four super performing Cortex A57 cores and four power saving Cortex A53 cores. The graphics would be handled by a hexa-core Mali T760 GPU chip. The memory options include a 3GB of RAM memory and 32GB of internal storage. To its back would be a 8MP camera capable of 1080p video recording but still the camera flash seems to be missing. The front side would sport a 2MP secondary camera. The tablet would be running the Android 5.0.2 Android Lollipop. The tablet is said to be coming in both versions of Wi-Fi and data enabled.

The specs for the 8inch Samsung Galaxy Tab S 2 have already been seen earlier.


source: GFXBench

via SamMobile

Samsung Galaxy Tab S 2 9.7 specs (SM-T815) leak on GFXBench

Check out the photographed images of the Samsung Galaxy S6 prototype

The anxiety is increasing more and more among Samsung fans as we are closing-in to the official date of announcement March 1st. More, leaks coming our way show the Samsung Galaxy S6 prototype getting photographed which is reportedly the AT&T bound “prototype or test model.” Some of the images show the device to be wrapped in around the bubble sheet with more images showing it out and without the wrapping.

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Looking to the images, it can be seen that the devices have metallic sides, while the logo nearly to the earpiece is covered. The upper-right shows a large front-facing camera which is expected to be a 5MP shooter. According to the XDA Developers who have released this image they say it to be having a “glass back and front.” Both the handsets will go official this Sunday at March 1st at the MWC 2015 and later in Spring expected to be released to all major mobile carriers.

Note that there is no image showing up the microSD card slot that might be absent. Moreover, the back panel shows the protruding camera next to heart rate sensor and LED flash.

Could-this-be-the-white-Galaxy-S6 (1)  Could-this-be-the-white-Galaxy-S6 (3) Could-this-be-the-white-Galaxy-S6 (4) Could-this-be-the-white-Galaxy-S6 (5) Could-this-be-the-white-Galaxy-S6 (6) Could-this-be-the-white-Galaxy-S6 (7) Could-this-be-the-white-Galaxy-S6 (8) Could-this-be-the-white-Galaxy-S6 (9) Could-this-be-the-white-Galaxy-S6

source: XDA Developers

Via: PhoneArena

Check out the photographed images of the Samsung Galaxy S6 prototype