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The Future UI of iOS to Adapt Apple Watch Design?

September this year, Apple has released a new user interface design in the form of Apple Watch. The UI design in Apple Watch is entirely a new home screen. It is very much different from the basic concept of the home screen of iPhone OS which was first released in January 2007.



When the first generation of iPhone was introduced back in 2007, it has a smaller screen therefore the number of rows is lesser than the current generation of iPhone. However, the look and the feel of it is almost the same. Therefore, there are plenty of arguments to change the home screen design for the next generation of iPhone.

One Fluid System


If the design of Apple Watch home screens to be adapted to the Iphone home screen, it will look like one large fluid grid of apps. The app grid will be looking more modern with its round icons and it will be scaled perfectly to any screen size, from the smallest Apple Watch to the 9.7-inch iPad.



In the center of the iPhone’s new home screen is the spotlight, a central search repository for quick access of applications, web searches, music, contacts and more. With the new screen layout, all the apps are always close by therefore you might not need the spotlight anymore. Pinch out to see the bird’s eye view of all your apps and zoom in to make the icons look bigger.

The new Apple iPhone screen design will be more intuitive, flexible and adaptive. Well, we are looking forward to it.

The Future UI of iOS to Adapt Apple Watch Design?

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