29 Kasım 2014 Cumartesi

Robot Cars is Safer than Us. Is It Even Possible?

Tesla recently announced an autopilot feature which will enable us to have a self driving car. Yes, of course there are some challenges in the technical and logistical and some academics expected that it will take decades for it to learn to navigate the complexities of urban jungle.

By designing self-driving cards, we do hope that it will eliminate some traffic issues that we currently have. After all humans are prone to road rage since we tend to rush headlong into traffic jams, break rules, get distracted and crash into each other.

Tesla is not the only one who developing this technology. Most car manufacturers now offer option in their high-end vehicles to keep them within their lane, adjust speed, warn of pedestrians and stop in the event of impending accident. This system has been tested by Insurance Institute for Highway Safety. The company has done the testing on automating braking systems of 24 vehicles and thus gives 21 a ranking of “superior” or “advanced”.

The new Tesla will have improvements on sensors for image recognition, 360-degree sonar system that can analyze the surroundings and long range radar to recognize signs and pedestrians. It is designed to be able to change lanes on its own, obey speed limit signs, and avoid accidents and even park itself. On top of that, it should be able to pick us up at our front door after driving itself out of the garage.

Well, we are looking forward to try this technology!

Robot Cars is Safer than Us. Is It Even Possible?

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