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Apple"s New Design Genius And Some New Things He"s Done

Apple recently hired a new designer for its team called Marc Newson. Marc is a friend of Jony Ive, who is the head of Apple’s design team and apparently also a Knight. Anyways, Newson is a prolific designer who is designing Apple products for the future. So we thought we should share some of them with you here on our blog. Here are some things that Newson has on his portfolio.

Newson And Ive Also Worked On This Special-Edition Leica Camera. It Has A Very Minimalistic Design With Very Few Buttons

New Design Genius - 3 - DoiToshin

Getty Images/John Moore

This Is An Example Of A Camera He Designed For Pentax Before Joining Apple

New Design Genius - 5 - DoiToshin


The Carbon-Fiber Bicycle Pictured Below Was Part Of The “Marc Newson: Transport.” Exhibit. Apple Could Make Limited Edition Versions Of Their Products With New Materials

New Design Genius - 6 - DoiToshin


Here’s A Wearable Jetpack That Newson Designed. It Looks Surprisingly Innocuous For A Jetpack

New Design Genius - 8 - DoiToshin


This Chair Called The “Lockheed Lounge” Is One Of His Most Famous Designs

New Design Genius - 9 - DoiToshin


Newson’s “Embryo” Chair Is One Of His Designs From The 1980s. In Apple’s Move Into The Internet of Things, We Might See Some Of These Designs In The Future

New Design Genius - 10 - DoiToshin


Newson’s Design Of A Luxury Champagne Bottle Case For Dom Perignon May Be A Hint Of How Apple Product Packaging Might Look In The Near Future

New Design Genius - 12 - DoiToshin


A Ford Concept Car Displayed At The 1999 Tokyo Motor Show And Designed By Newson

New Design Genius - 13 - DoiToshin


The Sixth Floor Of Hotel Puerta America in Madrid Was Also Designed By Newson

New Design Genius - 15 - DoiToshin


This Is What His Room Looks Like. The Minimalist Design Reminds Us Of Most Apple Products!

New Design Genius - 16 - DoiToshin

Hoteles Silken

Apple"s New Design Genius And Some New Things He"s Done

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