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13 Apps to Transform your Phone to Ultimate Toolkit

A good apps is designed to make the users’ life easier and maybe more enjoyable. In this entry, we are going to recommend a few apps which fulfill this purpose.

  1. Dark Sky – $3.99 on iOS


The apps is useful because it will tell you exactly when it is going to rain or snow.  It also gives you minute by minute predictions when to expect rain so that you can be prepared for it.

  1. Level Money – Free on iOS and Android


The apps links your smartphone to your bank account to keep track on your spending which means you did not have to manually input your purchases anymore.  it will consider your income, monthly spending habits, how much you are trying to save and if you spend more on a particular day, the apps will adjust and tell you to spend less the following day.

  1. FlyCleaners – Free on iOS and Android


This apps is unique in such that it will allow you to choose when you have to pick up your laundry.

  1. Sky Guide – $1.99 on iOS and Android


This apps is also unique in such that if you just aim your phone or tablet at the sky the apps will highlight constellations, stars and planets on the sky and even display details about each.

  1. Venmo – Free on iOS and Android


The apps allows you pay your friends using your smartphone. It is useful if you need to split a check or you want to pay your debt. It will connect to your bank account and it is using 256-encryption and Verisign certification and thus it is very secure.

  1. 1Password and LastPass – $7.99(iOS), Free(Android), $49.99(Windows) (1Password), Free for iOS/Android, Windows Phone (LastPass)


These two apps will remember all your passwords across all your computing devices so you just need to remember one master password and the app will do the rest.

  1. Timeful – Free (iOS)


This apps is an intelligent calendar app and a to-do list. This app has a learning capability to learn how you get your stuff done and suggest ways to build new habits and get things done in your own term

  1. Yahoo Weather – Free (iOS/Android)


This apps is an award-winning weather app that packed with gestures or displays photos that match your location, time of day and current weather conditions.

  1. Square – Free (iOS/Android)


This apps accept credit card payment on the go through your smartphone or tablet. It is an alternative for small businesses that do not want to work directly with credit card companies since the service charges you 2.75% for processing transactions for Visa, American Express, MasterCrd and Discover. The best thing is that you can sign up for free and you will get the credit card readers for free too.

  1. Hyperlapse – Free (iOS)    


The apps is develop by instagram. It uses an image-stabilization techniques to even out shaky footage and the quality of the result is awesome.

  1. Skype – Free (iOS/Android)


Skype is still the best way to video-message people, voice calls and video call other Skype users. All the services offered are free too! It works on multiple platforms so you do not need to worry what device everyone is using.

12 – Google Chrome – Free (iOS/Android)


This apps is great because it is fast, easy to use and syncs with your laptop’s Chrome web browser. If you open with tabs, it can reduce your data usage by 50%.

13 – Humin – Free (iOS)


This apps will remember the tiny details on how and where you met someone so that you can focus on the moment. All you need is the person’s number and the apps will able to search your contact using familiar phases like “met last week” or “lives in Brooklyn”.

13 Apps to Transform your Phone to Ultimate Toolkit

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