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Qualcomm power-driven Wearables to Be Inaugurate Later This Year

Qualcomm Battery-powered Wearables to be Introduced within the coming months

   Qualcomm has become one in all the foremost authoritative mobile chipmakers, because the company’s SoCs are presently getting used in an exceedingly sizable amount of smartphones, from low-range devices to flagship phones like the Samsung Galaxy S5 and therefore the HTC One M8.

With the wearable market perpetually growing, we’ve been speculative once and if Qualcomm can commit to participate in it. After all, various big-time smartphone manufacturers have either already launched their latest smart watches, or they’re designing on doing therefore by the top of 2014. Plainly we’re not tallying Qualcomm’s Toq that is a lot of an example won’t to showcase the company’s latest technical school.

New reports from the Taiwanese media are advising that Qualcomm is so designing on connection the wearable party within the predictable future. Be part of us once the break for the complete story.

At now in time, Qualcomm has no chips prepared for the wearable scene, however this could amendment presently. Consistent with Qualcomm CDMA Technologies Taiwan president Eddie Chang (cited by Taipei Times), Qualcomm has “all the technologies required” so as to form wearable SoCs, and contend with the likes of MediaTek INC, who has by now splattered within the smart watch market.

While Eddie Chang has declined to reveal any details relating to the company’s future involvement within the wearable market, he did comment that we are going to see wearable devices booming Qualcomm chips by the top of 2014. No associates or hardware stipulations are revealed.

Qualcomm has speciously unbroken a watch on the wearable marketplace for a while, and also the company’s purposes were to leap on the bandwagon as shortly because the wearable scene gained additional grip.

With reports coming back from market investigators signifying that the number of wearable devices dispatched throughout 2014 are going to be 3 times larger than last year (for a complete of nineteen million units), it’s no marvel why Qualcomm has set to interrupt the silence. Besides, in line with International Data firm, the wearable market is predicted to grow at the speed of 78.4% a year, with 111.9 million wearable devices being estimated to be shipped in 2018.

Obviously, we’ll be keeping a watch on Qualcomm and hopefully we’ll learn additional concerning regardless of the chipmaker has future for us later within the year. Keep tuned and we’ll keep you announce as before long because the story develops.

Qualcomm power-driven Wearables to Be Inaugurate Later This Year

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