31 Temmuz 2015 Cuma

Xiaomi Rumored to Launch Windows 10 Tablet in the Second Half of the Year

The last time that we heard about Xiaomi’s tablet is when the company launched Xiaomi Mi Pad in March 2014. As the tablet market sales has cooled down these few months, Xiaomi rumored to have given up in producing the device. However, in May 2015, Xiaomi’s CEO, Lei Jun responded to the rumors by confirming that the company was working on yet another tablet. However, there is not any detail released about the specifications or the features that is going to be implemented in the tablet.

Recently, there is another rumor that the next tablet from Xiaomi will come pre-installed with Windows 10 and it will be launched somewhere in the third quarter of the year. It is yet to be known that the upcoming tablet will run the Mobile version of the Full version of Windows 10. As Microsoft recommends that Windows 10 full version is to be used for tablets with display screen size of 8-inch or more, we can expect that Xiaomi’s tablet screen size will be at least measured at 8-inch.

On August 16, Xiaomi is reported to unveil the company’s own user interface, MIUI, which is built on top of Android and normally found in the company’s products. However, it is going to be interesting if Xiaomi is able to use this user interface on Windows 10 although the probability is lower. There is no official confirmation regarding the company’s Windows 10 tablet. More details will be released nearer to the launch date.  Stay tuned!

Xiaomi Rumored to Launch Windows 10 Tablet in the Second Half of the Year

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