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More images of the Tizen powered Samsung Z1 appear with some specs

The first Tizen powered handset from Samsung known as the Samsung Z1 can now be expected to be launched in Indian on January 18th. The specs for the device reveals it to be an entry level handset.

The device is tipped to have a 4inch display having a resolution of 480×800 pixels and would be powered with a dual-core processor clocked at1.2GHz. the handset would be running a 768MB of RAM with a 4GB of built-in storage along with a microSD card slot for 32GB of expandable memory. To its back the device would be hosting a 3MP primary camera while its front would be having a 0.3 secondary snapper. The device is said to be supporting dual SIM with good connectivity options like Bluetooth 4.0, Wi-Fi and 3G. Initially it would be running the Tizen 2.3 version of the OS. The battery capacity for the device is said to be good enough to 1500mAh.

In the coming month, we can expect the device to go official on the suggested date as the wait has been too long for it. Check out the leaked images here.


Leaked-Samsung-Tizen-Smartphone-SM-Z130H-Z1-side Leaked-Samsung-Tizen-Smartphone-SM-Z130H-Z1-specifications


via TizenExperts

More images of the Tizen powered Samsung Z1 appear with some specs

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