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Indian court lifts ban for the OnePlus One sale

Few days back we told you the flagship smartphone-OnePlus One from the Chinese manufacturer OnePlus being banned for further sales in India following its row with the India counterpart Micromax over a patent proprietary of Cyanogen Mod. Micromax has recently kicked off its new Yu smartphones the first of the series being the Micromax Yureka that comes with Cyanogen OS. All over China, the OnePlus One handsets run the Cyanogen OS and comes with the company’s logo to its back.

OnePlus founder Carl Pei in the court said that he didn’t found out anything about the exclusive deal between Cyanogen and Micromax before the OnePlus One getting launched in India. However, he noted that they would be working with a Android platform on OnePlus insteadof Cyanogen.

The court has requested for some written statements from Cyanogen and OnePlus which are to be received in two weeks and the next hearing is to be held on January 7th. However, for now the ban on the handset is being lifted as it falls in a completely different segment of handsets than that of Micromax Yureka. The Micromax Yureka that has some very good specs on-board is priced at just $142 USD.

source: EconomicTimes

Indian court lifts ban for the OnePlus One sale

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