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Android M integrating Google services to the cars

Although Android 5.0 Lollipop is a dream of majority smartphone owners, rumors of next-in-line Android M are out. Google is now heading towards automotive dashboards with the objective of injecting Android directly into cars. It will be devoid of smartphones as well as dated proprietary interfaces on blurry displays.

Android M might be the next step after Android Auto which is scheduled to come next year.Currently,Android Auto is far from a seamless solution, since it requires pairing a tablet or smartphone to a compatible car with a built-in screen.

Reuters reported that Google’s digital car engine will be the new functionality added to Android M. This gives rise to new questions on Android. And is the iOS vs Android fight about to reach the motor segment as well? Apple is also working on CarPlay for a while, obviously with no less determinations.

Google has already inked contracts with automobiles giants General Motors, Nissan and Hyundai making more manufacturers believe in Android Auto 2. Moreover, Google has to make sure that the booting should be done instantly as users turn the car on. Also we can expect car makers will come with their own Android car interfaces to differentiate their operating systems somehow.

Functionally, Android M will integrate Google services with the car’s sensors, fuel gauge, camera, and internet connection, opening up all sorts of interesting possibilities. The smart service will make driving easier — like providing list of immediate gas stations directions once gas level reaches a certain threshold level.

The resources offered by the car ecosystem might be advantageous for Google’s advertising business. “You can get access to GPS location, where you travel, where you stop, everyday, your speed, your fuel level, where you stop for gas,” one of the sources said.


Android M integrating Google services to the cars

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