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LG patent indicating a cellular smartwatch

An interesting looking LG patent has just passed through the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. Nothing unfamiliar so far, LG patents plenty of phone designs, but when we look at the actual documentation, the device looks much more like a smartwatch than a smartphone.

The patent application reveals a smartwatch capable of receiving or sending out phone calls and text messages. This corresponds to the rumors of LG working on cellular version of G Watch in response to their competitor Samsung’s Gear 2.

The LG patent is titled “Capacative type stylus and mobile terminal comprising the same”, which makes it sound like the filing was authorized through Google Translate from its original Korean without an English edit. It also doesn’t really explain what the device is. Essentially, the device is projected to be a smartwatch/smartband on your wrist, but a stylus when you take it off.

So apparently LG has something new up their sleeve relating to a future hybrid wearable device. With its rather large interface, it concludes that LG is aiming this mobile phone to accommodate Skype-like video conferencing – on your wrist. Could this hybrid device interest the mobile executive? Only time will tell.

Below are the most distinguished patent figures covering LG’s latest patent design.





LG patent indicating a cellular smartwatch

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