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Lenovo’s new Magic View concept smartwatch has a ‘private’ second display

At its tech world event held in Beijing, Lenovo announced a new concept design ‘Magic View’ for its smartwatch. The Magic View concept features dual displays – the main round traditional display and the second small display below it, just above the strap. The secondary display, also called the Virtual Interactive Display (VID), offers you a new way to watch pictures and videos.



According to a report by Android Central who tested out the prototype of the Magic View concept watch at the event, the watch face is round like the Lenovo-owned Motorola’s Moto 360 (flat-tire cut-off, thin bezels)  and its size is the same as LG’s Watch Urbane LTE. The watch doesn’t run Android Wear but an Android-based custom software.

The VID of the concept watch is located below the main LCD panel. It looks opaque from far but when you hold it near your eye, you can see the images. Lenovo gave a demo of the VID in the prototype watch. The image clarity was quite good indoors but it can’t be said how it will fare out of doors in daylight. They also showed a 360⁰ panorama view of a stadium with sensors of the watch controlling the image motion. This view was also impressive. The only thing is you have to hold the screen right up to your eye as this is a private view which only you can see.  The optical reflection technology enables the viewers to see the images up to 20 times the size.



Well, this is only a concept smartwatch and we can’t say when it will be available to consumers. Also, how the second display impacts the smartwatch battery life remains to be seen.

Meanwhile, have a look at the Magic View concept smartwatch video below:


Lenovo’s new Magic View concept smartwatch has a ‘private’ second display

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