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Google Maps with Side-by-side navigation and fully developed offline search is coming

Offline Google Mapsgooglemaps1

During I/O 2015 conference, Google disclosed that it is taking its Maps app to a totally new level. It is introducting a Maps app with a functionality of fully developed offline mapping as well as turn-by-turn navigation. It will be introduced by the end of this year; it is possible that it will be a part of the Android M rollout. The users in the developing countries got quickly interested in this functionality because they don’t have good data connections and reliable Internet. googlemaps2

Whats new

In the past, users could download a part of a map for their offline use. Now after the new update is released, a user will be able to search and get auto-complete results even when he is not connected to the Internet. Important information about a specific sport like opening times and reviews will be available, and also the turn-by-turn navigation. This will be very helpful to smartphone users that live at locations where coverage is poor and the data plans are very costly. googlemaps3

YouTube Offline

Google Maps is not going to be only app that will be ready for offline use. The next one will be YouTube Offline though it is going to be exclusive for limited number of countries. It will make a user’s favorite video available for 48 hours for him to view. The Network Quality Estimator of Google will reduce the website data according to user’s connection power. This optimation will make pages to load four times faster as 80% less bytes will be loaded; the memory use will also reduce. googlemaps4

Google’s aim

This plan to double down offline functionality  is very sensible. Google’s aim is to position Android in developing markets such as India, Indonesia and Brazil. Most of the future smartphone sales growth will take place in these countries.

Google Maps with Side-by-side navigation and fully developed offline search is coming

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