29 Mayıs 2015 Cuma

Google Announced New Feature “Now on Tap” For Google Now in I/O Conference

There are a lot of new feature of Google which is announced in the Google I/O Conference this year. One of them is the enhancement for Google Now.  Since the launching of Google Now, the company is always coming up with ideas on how it can help and do more work for the users. With the upcoming release of Android M, Google Now is improved such that users can ask for whatever they want even though they are opening other apps to do something else, all in one device.

The new feature for Google Now which is designed to do the above is “Now on Tap”. To activate it, users can simply tap and hold the home button and ask whatever they want to know and Google will show you the results. For example, if your friend emailed you to ask you to watch movie, let’s say “Hunger Games”, you can just say “Ok Google, Hunger games” then Google will display everything in the internet about Hunger Games, from the ratings, trailer and even the website where you can buy the tickets or just to see the show timings. All these can be done without having to leave whatever you are doing.

Based on this example, it seems like the enhancement for Google Now is that it is able to show the information based on the context of your question. The best of all is that, the other app developer does not need to make changes on their app to integrate with “Now on tap” feature. It is able to work as long as they have their apps indexed by Google.

Google Announced New Feature “Now on Tap” For Google Now in I/O Conference

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