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The New Google Glass Rumored to Target on Businesses

When Google Glass first launched for consumers’ usage, there were a lot of controversies surround it.  There were concerns about privacy as Google Glass is able to take pictures of people without their consents and use it to find information about the interest person. Thus, some bars, restaurants and movie theaters have to ban the device.

According to the report published in The Wall Street Journal recently, the next Google Glass will be made for business usage such as in healthcare, manufacturing and energy sectors. As such, we can expect the consumers’ version to be released at a later date, most probably within a year at least.

The new Google Glass will not have the wire frame as the original Explorer version but it will retain the curved glass rectangle design with a button and hinge system to attach itself to other glasses. On top of that, instead of mass production, the device will have to be custom-programmed by software developers for specific business users. It will be start to be used by corporations in the fourth quarter.

Google planned to open a few stores around the U.S. starting from San Francisco for people who are buying the product to be able to get it fitted on while they waited. The new version of Google Glass will be powered by Intel SoC, therefore, we can expect better performance, and the battery life is rumored to stretch up to 2 hours. However, with a pricing tag of $1500, the device is rather pricey, does it?

The New Google Glass Rumored to Target on Businesses

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