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Facebook’s new live streaming feature takes on Snapchat

Facebook is constantly experimenting and adding new features to keep users glued to the popular social media network. This Friday, Facebook has rolled out yet another new feature that allows you to watch live events sitting at home. The new service has made its debut with Chicago’s Lollapalooza music festival wherein live event feed is streamed and Facebook users in the US can watch curated photos, videos, public posts and updates published by users, artists and bands at the music festival.


The music festival is being made available on Place Tips, a feature launched by Facebook in January by which users can get information about their friend’s current location. The live streaming is however new. “This Place Tips Lollapalooza experience is just one of the many ways Facebook is trying to help people get the feel of an event when they’re not there,” a spokesperson from Facebook told wsj.

The new feature is a lot like Snapchat’s “Our Story” feature launched last summer by which people attending an event can post pictures and videos of the event into a live stream and users can tap into it from distant locations to watch them. Facebook says that live streaming from Lollapalooza is different from Snapchat’s feature as it also includes content posted by your friends who are attending the music festival.

Facebook-live streaming feature

Twitter is also planning to join the competition with live event coverage by the end of the year. Twitter’s new feature is called “Project Lightening” that will show up a new button to the users on their homepage by clicking which they will be able to see content from live events. Twitter’s Periscope app allows live video streaming from iPhone. Meerkat is another mobile app that allows users to stream live videos over Twitter to their followers.

Facebook says that Lollapalooza is just a test and it will continue to develop the feature for other applications in future.

Facebook’s new live streaming feature takes on Snapchat

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