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Alleged photos of Apple iPhone 6s display emerge depicting Force Touch implementation

Photos and some specs of the next upcoming iPhone, the iPhone 6s have been circulating for quite some time. iPhone 6s is said to be coming with the Force Touch feature where users can interact with the screen differently by using varied pressure. This feature is currently used in Apple Watch.

A set of photographs have been posted on Chinese repair firm GeekBar’s Weibo account showing the front and back sides of a display unit allegedly belonging to the next iPhone iteration, the iPhone 6s. There are no significant changes to the outside of the unit compared to the current iPhone 6 handsets. The new photos show the same general shape with similar rounded glass edges and the same positioning of ear speaker and camera as well.

Apple-iPhone 6s-display unit-1

The backside of the alleged iPhone 6s display unit is covered by a metal shield obscuring the LCD module and some of the other features but some changes are apparent. One change that catches the eye immediately is the rectangular cutout present on the top left side of the screen. Some component is seen sticking out through it but can’t be identified due to the poor quality of the image. Considering its relative position to the expected layout of the handset’s logic board and battery, it is speculated that the component could be the grounding insert.

Apple-iPhone 6s-display unit-2

Another big change seen is that Apple seems to have discarded the usual screws and clips as the shielding of the display unit shows riveting on all the four sides. It is speculated that the black dots seen on all the sides could have something to do with the Force Touch technology Apple is supposed to be using on the new iPhone 6s. The rivet fixing could compensate for the heavier touch. With Touch Force, user’s regular touch and heavy touch will trigger different actions on the iPhone.

It is said that manufacturing of components for the Force Touch feature has begun. iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus are expected to be launched at a special event by Apple next month.

Alleged photos of Apple iPhone 6s display emerge depicting Force Touch implementation

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