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Force Touch parts for the upcoming iPhone 6s said to have undergone mass production


The insider reports coming from Taiwanese publication DigiTimes says that the supplying partners of Apple have started with the mass-production of the Force Touch parts for the upcoming iPhones that are alleged to be the iPhone 6s and the iPhone 6s Plus. The rumors for the introduction of Force Touch in the upcoming iPhones have been floating since long and now they seemed to have gained some strong momentum. Apple has first used this Force Touch technology in the Apple Watch, which basically differentiates between a Press and a Touch.

One of the companies named TPK that is said to make Force Touch displays has allegedly announced that it would start the mass-production of these components in July. However, TPK refrained to name as the customer for this parts, but for the moment there is no other tech company than Apple who is expected to host this feature in its next flagship. Additionally, the report shows that nearly 36-40 million iPhones are expected to be manufactured in the September quarter, and the number could rise to 50million in the December quarter.  Note that these numbers are only based on estimates.

The rumors have claimed that the two upcoming iPhones will host a similar design to the existing iPhone 6, but with the faster A9 chipset, 2GB RAM, larger 12MP camera with RGBW pixels, 5MP front-facing camera. The material used for its built body is said to be a aluminum alloy. Apple is expected to unveil the handsets next month is September.

source: Digitimes

Force Touch parts for the upcoming iPhone 6s said to have undergone mass production

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