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The new Huawei Nexus may have Samsung"s OLED displays

Samsung Display is a leading manufacturer of OLED display panels and a majority of them are used in Samsung’s mobile devices. Since Samsung’s mobile devices business has gone down in recent years, the performance of Samsung Display has also been affected and it is now looking towards other customers for its OLED displays.

A recent report by MK News, a South Korean daily news publication says that Samsung has started supplying OLED smartphone displays to Huawei. Although the first consignment is small, their quantity is expected to increase after Huawei has tested them. Samsung has also supplied OLED display panels to other Chinese smartphone manufacturers such as Meizu, Vivo, OPPO and Gionee.


Supplying OLED panels to Huawei would be beneficial to Samsung Display as Huawei is the world’s fourth largest manufacturer of smartphones and it has a wide market spreading even to some European countries and the US.

Although the report doesn’t mention it, the new Huawei Nexus will most likely sport Samsung’s OLED display. A few months back there was a rumor that the Huawei-made Nexus will feature a 5.7-inch 2K OLED display and this display might very well be supplied by Samsung. Huawei might also use the displays for its other upcoming smartphones.

As readers must already be aware, Google is expected to launch two Nexus devices this year. While LG would be making the smaller device which would be the new version of the Nexus 5, Huawei will manufacture the larger 5.7-inch phablet having an OLED display panel with 1440 x 2560 pixels resolution.

The new Huawei Nexus may have Samsung"s OLED displays

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