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New Qualcomm WiPower technology brings wireless charging to metal body mobile devices

Qualcomm has announced that it has developed a new technology by which devices with metal body can be charged wirelessly. The technology called Qualcomm WiPower can charge devices with metal exteriors wirelessly, thus eliminating the need for using wires, reducing the clutter.

Qualcomm WiPower complies with the new Rezence wireless power charging standard, not using the popular PMA or Qi standards. The Rezence standard has been developed by the Alliance for Wireless Power (A4WP) that includes leading brands from various industries like Qualcomm, Microsoft, Acer, Samsung, Lenovo, LG, Asus, Motorola, Intel, and many others as members.


Rezence was first demonstrated at the beginning of this year in January. With this standard, WiPower enables wireless charging of devices without any direct physical contact. You can even charge multiple devices having different power requirements when placed inside the same charge area. And not only charging, WiPower can also power devices such as wireless keyboard, mouse, digital photo frames and lamps.


Qualcomm WiPower works “at a frequency that is more tolerant of metal objects that come within the charge field”. So up till now, the charging process was not affected even if other metal objects such as coins or keys were lying inside the charge field. But now Qualcomm has added one more feature to WiPower, that the device to be charged could itself be made of metal. The new feature maintains the existing WiPower ability “to charge devices requiring up to 22 watts today, at speeds equal to or faster when compared to other wireless charging technologies”.

“Building a wireless charging solution into devices with metal exteriors is a significant step for moving the entire industry forward,” says Steve Pazol, GM, Wireless Charging of Qualcomm Incorporated.

It’s not clear when such WiPower-using mobile devices will be available in the market but we certainly hope to see them soon.

Check out the promo video for Qualcomm WiPower:

New Qualcomm WiPower technology brings wireless charging to metal body mobile devices

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