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Xiaomi and Li-Ning rumored to produce “smart shoes”

Recent reports coming from Reuters show that the Chinese smartphone giant and the Chinese footwear giant are likely to team up in order to produce what is said to be “smart shoes”. These shoes are said to be endorsed by three time NBA champion of Miami Heat – Dwayne Wade. It is said that Huami Technology who worked with Xiaomi to design its Mi Band fitness tracker would be would once again be working together for this smart shoe technology.

These smart shoes would have chips placed in the sole and would be assigned the task of sending your running information and personal workout to a mobile app. This app would ensure that you meet your daily routine and targets, would analyze different data and would even celebrate once you hit your milestones.

The pricing for this new smart device cannot be decided at the moment, but Li-Nang says that it would be very affordable. These new smart shoes would face the competition from Adidas’ miCoach Speed Cell which is placed in the shoe soles to track distance, speed, steps and much more. Whether or not the shoes would be available out of China is not known, but most probably we think they would available only in the hometown. Below is the statement from Li-Nang

“We hope to use this opportunity to provide professional “smart” running shoes to running enthusiasts in China at an affordable price.”-Li-Ning.

source: Reuters

Xiaomi and Li-Ning rumored to produce “smart shoes”

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