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Check out some cool concept renders of Sony’s upcoming Xperia Z4

Sony’s upcoming flagship smartphone Xperia Z4 has been in the news a lot. It is not certain when the company will unveil the handset but it did say that the device will be launched in summer before September this year. It is possible that Sony announces the Xperia Z4 at the Computex event that is to be held in Taiwan in a few months or maybe hold an event of their own.

Meanwhile, everyone is curious to know what it will look like and several concept renders of the upcoming Xperia Z4 have surfaced online. We cannot say that the actual device will look anywhere like the concepts, but they sure are great to look at.

Here are a few cool concept renders of the device:

1. Renders of Xperia Z4 and Z4 Ultra

Xperia-Z4-Z4 Ultra-concept

These look very real with thin bezels and all. Sony has been reducing the bezel size of its Xperia phones but such thin bezels on the big sized Xperia Z4 Ultra don’t appear realistic. Also, according to rumors, the device will be having stereo speakers at the front which will be impossible to fit in such thin bezels at the top and bottom.

2. Xperia Z4 concept renders by Ashraf Amer

Up till now, the concepts we have seen were made in 2014. We now have Xperia Z4 concept renders made keeping 2015 in mind, incorporating the latest technologies.

Xperia-Z4-concept-Ashraf Amer


3. Xperia Z4 renders by Jermaine Smit


There are 3 phone versions by Jermaine Smit of which, the main version features a 5.2” screen which the actual Z4 is rumored to come with. It is an elegant ultra slim model with rounded top and bottom.

4. Another render by Jermaine Smit is the Xperia Z4 with curved model.



5. Bebak Soren’s concept for Xperia Z4


This one has a curved back thick at the middle and slim at the top and bottom.

6. Victor Cao’s Xperia Z4 renders

Xperia-Z4-concept-victor cao-

He conceptualizes it as a 5.5” phablet with Snapdragon 810 and dual streo.

7. Xperia Z4 renders by Kiarash Kia


Here, the device is conceptualized as only 5.6mm thick with metal frame that is less rounded than its predecessors.


Check out some cool concept renders of Sony’s upcoming Xperia Z4

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