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Asus teases with a glimpse of its smartwatch ZenWatch in a video

The smartwatch market is getting interesting with more and more companies joining in. Even as Asus prepares to unveil its first smartwatch at the IFA 2014 in Berlin to be held in the first week of September, it has teased us with video of the device. The YouTube teaser video reveals that the upcoming Asus smartwatch will be called the ZenWatch. The name matches with the company’s Zenfone series of smartphones.

About a week back, Asus had teased us with a tweet on Twitter saying that “something #Incredible” was going to happen at the #IFA2014 and had posted a picture of a watch face partially hidden in the shadows with a quote from Khalil Gibran saying “Time has been transformed and we have changed.”

Then the Taiwan-based company put out some teaser sketches of the smartwatch on Facebook with the same Khalil Gibran quote and indicating that they’ll make an appearance “@IFA BERLIN SEPT 3, 2014”.

Here’s one:

Asus ZenWatch - 1

And the second one:

Asus ZenWatch - 2

The new teaser is just a short 35 second video giving us only a shadowy glimpse of the smartwatch from which we can guess that it is slightly curved. Apart from this, no other information has been leaked about it.

However, according to a leaked report from June, the Asus ZenWatch will probably feature an AMOLED display and will run Android wear. The device is expected to be priced between $99 and $149 which is considerably less than the LG G Watch and Samsung Gear Live.

Check out the video below:

Asus teases with a glimpse of its smartwatch ZenWatch in a video

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