21 Ağustos 2014 Perşembe

LG Shines By Winning Nine Red Dot Awards

Grabbing nine awards in Communication Design Category at recently concluded Red Dot Best of the Best Awards. Out of these nine, three were won by LG flagship G3 for its Smart Keyboard, Graphic User Interface (GUI), and Knock Code. Others awardees include company’s first curved display smartphone G Flex and webOS Smart+ TV platform for its new and intuitive user interface.


The company has used adaptive technology in LG G3’s keyboard, known as Smart Keyboard. This keyboard records how the user types enabling faster typing speed in course of time. So, more you type the faster you get on LG G3. The keyboard recently got updated and some additional features like bilingual word suggestions and suggestions based on application your using, etc.

The LG G3 also has Knock Code which is a customizable unlock screen which is now available with L series smartphones too. The award winning LG’s flat GUI is also set for its expansion to other LG devices like G pad tablets.

LG Shines By Winning Nine Red Dot Awards

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