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First real-life camera samples from Xiaomi Mi4 camera lens arrive

Xiaomi’s this year flagship Mi4 has already made much noise for its unique design, high-end features, excellent camera and much more. The Xiaomi Mi4 packs a very powerful hardware with a quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 chipset on-board. The handset has already gone on sale in China and has arrived at the door of many reviewers who are currently examining the device closely.

One of the USP of the device is its camera. The Xiaomi Mi4 comes with a 13MP primary camera at its back and a powerful 8MP secondary camera at its front. The primary camera comes with the latest Sony IMX214 1/3.06 sensor which is expected to be seen in many other flagships coming ahead this year. We have earlier examined the Xiaomi Mi4 camera with images with different filter effects and now we have some real-life images from the camera’s lens.

2014-08-26_22-26-01 2014-08-26_22-26-26 2014-08-26_22-26-48 2014-08-26_22-27-23 2014-08-26_22-27-45 2014-08-26_22-28-09 2014-08-26_22-28-35 2014-08-26_22-28-59 2014-08-26_22-29-30 2014-08-26_22-29-48 2014-08-26_22-30-21 2014-08-26_22-31-01 2014-08-26_22-31-19 2014-08-26_22-31-36 2014-08-26_22-31-55 2014-08-26_22-32-12 2014-08-26_22-32-35 2014-08-26_22-32-52 2014-08-26_22-33-22 2014-08-26_22-33-43 2014-08-26_22-34-17 2014-08-26_22-34-37 2014-08-26_22-34-53 2014-08-26_22-35-20

Well, looking at the images it seems that the Xiaomi Mi4 camera delivers excellent color reproduction and clear details from the images. Even the images captured at night produce some stunning results. Meanwhile, to know more about this excellent smartphone, check out our complete review of Xiaomi Mi4.

First real-life camera samples from Xiaomi Mi4 camera lens arrive

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