29 Ağustos 2014 Cuma

Apple sends an invite for September 9 event

With all the hype surrounding Apple’s upcoming flagship iPhone 6, the device is expected to be announced next month on September 9th. Well, this rumors seem to be almost right as Apple has send out an press invitation for an upcoming event on September 9th.

At this event, we expect the much rumored Apple iPhone 6 to break covers. If rumors are to be believed, Apple is also likely to announce is much awaited iWatch smartwatch. Yesterday, Samsung announced its another Tizen Based Gear S while LG announced its second Android Wear the G Watch R. Moreover, we can expect Moto 360 to arrive anytime soon. Last month we saw Apple approaching Tag Heuer VP for iWatch sales, which is a sufficient proof that the smartwatch might be coming soon.

Well, Apple has its own way of giving out surprises at the launch and with all the leaks pouring out from different sources, Apple might come up with something beyond a sapphire glass. Moreover, it is also possible that Apple might roll-out the iOS 8 announced earlier this year to its devices on September 9th.


Apple sends an invite for September 9 event

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