18 Ağustos 2014 Pazartesi

Google releases 4 Android Wear commercials

Android Wear is becoming a big threat to Apple iWatch’s launching date. The smartwatch market still hasn’t sorted and digested by consumers since they don’t know exactly why they would need one. Manufacturers haven’t settled on what a smartwatch should be and wearables need a platform to take the reins pointing way forward.

Google has released four new Android Wear commercials for popping up the theme among the consumers. Three videos are reflecting the major utilities of Android Wear, showing different scenarios with glanceable info (traffic alerts), and voice commands (Google search and texting).The fourth spot is basically a mashup of the other three with another feature tossed in (incoming call alerts). All the commercials features the LG G Watch, Samsung Gear Live and also unreleased Moto 360.

The commercials are well placed, and show some useful durations when it would be easier to interact with a smartwatch rather than pulling out your mobile. The major exception is clearly the incoming call feature, since the answered call isn’t handled with the watch, but rather through the mobile. Another interesting note is that the commercials have concluded that the Gear Live and G Watch look very large and silly on women’s wrists. Perhaps the Moto 360 will help to eradicate this notion, but Android Wear certainly needs some hardware for women.

Google releases 4 Android Wear commercials

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