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Project Ara competitor Puzzlephone to arrive in 2015 second half

The modular smartphone project from Google – Project Ara seems to have yet another competitor on its way. The competitor known as Puzzlephone would give modularity for three of its parts within the handset. The Brain portion would include the electronics of the handset along with camera. This means users can have in place ew camera snapper modules by replacing its Brain unit.

The second part Spine would include an combo of microphone, display and speakers and the third part known as Heart would consist of a battery module in it. This new modular smartphone concept is being made by a Finnish startup Circular Devices. The OS running the handset is believed to be Android based with an additional support of other platforms like Sailfish, Firefox OS and Windows Phone.

Puzzlephone is expected to arrive in the market sometime in the second half of 2015 and would likely be an affordable mid-range handset. This project does not however offer more customization options like that of Project Ara but still would be a very good modular smartphone. Take a look at some of the info images along with a video.

Puzzlephone 2 Puzzlephone 3 Puzzlephone 4

source: Puzzlephone

Project Ara competitor Puzzlephone to arrive in 2015 second half

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