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The New Manta X7 Smartphone is buttonless, has “smart Bezels” instead

With cut-throat competition prevailing in the smartphone market, manufacturers are coming out with new innovations in their devices in order to capture public interest. During the course of smartphone evolution, we have seen the number of physical buttons slowly diminishing and the touchscreen taking its place. Currently, the latest smartphones have only the power button, home button and the volume rocker.

Manta X7 - 1

Now Manta, a Chinese company is developing its first smartphone Manta X7 and has put out some teaser images proclaiming it as the “smartphone from tomorrow”. Why? Because this smartphone has no buttons on it. It is a buttonless phone! It has no power, volume or any other buttons and appears to be smooth and sleek.

Instead of buttons, the new Manta X7 will have smart bezels. In the smart bezel system, the left and right sides will have touch sensors that can be used to turn the phone on or off and to control the volume. The handset will have a “hot thumb” area on the screen that can detect thumb gestures of the user. This will bring up the various apps near the thumb such as the dialer pad.

Manta X7 - 2

Specs and other details of the upcoming Manta X7 have not been revealed by the teasers. But it will probably be powered by MediaTek. The handset is expected to be launched in China by this month end.

Manta X7 - 3

Via GizChina

The New Manta X7 Smartphone is buttonless, has “smart Bezels” instead

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