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Pictures of Meizu Blue Charm handsets’ back covers leaked

There have been numerous rumors and leaks from various sources about Meizu’s upcoming Blue Charm brand of devices. A few days back we heard that the Chinese manufacturer is planning to launch its new “Meizu Blue Charm” brand on 23 December in Beijing. The company will release several products under this brand name. One of them is a new 5.5” Blue Charm Note that will be unveiled on December 23 and another possible device is a 4.6” Meizu Blue Charm smartphone. The tag used by Meizu for the Blue Charm devices is “No Blue”.

Now some photos of the rear panels supposedly belonging to the two soon-to-be-announced Blue Charm devices have been leaked. One among them is a photo with several back covers having an opening for a camera lens at the center with a cut-out for dual flash below it. There’s the Meizu Logo and Tagline at the bottom. This appears to belong to the larger 5.5” Blue Charm Note and we can see 4 color variants- Silver, White and 2 shades of Gold. You can have a look here:

Back Panel of Meizu-Blue-Charm-Note-1

Back Panel of Meizu-Blue-Charm-Note-2 Back Panel of Meizu-Blue-Charm-Note-3

The other set of pics presumably belongs to the smaller 4.6” Blue Charm handset. It has more rounded corners and the camera/flash openings at the top left corner somewhat resembling the iPhone 5C. This device will be available in several bright colors including Green, Yellow, Blue, White and Red. You see them below:

Meizu-Blue-Charm-1 Meizu-Blue-Charm-2

There is a leaked picture of a power point presentation too. It shows that 2 devices will be released by Meizu in the first quarter of 2015 and their price tags will be 999 Yuan ($161) and 799 Yuan ($129) respectively.

Well, since nothing has been confirmed by the company yet, better to take the news with a pinch of salt. Anyways, we will know soon enough on December 23, when Meizu is supposed to announce them.


Meizu-Blue-Charm-3 Meizu-Blue-Charm-4

 Source GizmoChina

Pictures of Meizu Blue Charm handsets’ back covers leaked

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