24 Kasım 2014 Pazartesi

Xiaomi Smartwatch: What Features would you expect?

When everyone is making new Smartwatches for the users, Xiaomi is little bit slowly in this case. The China mobile brand has gained popularity last year and become one of the fifth leading Smartphone markers in 2014.

Xiaomi’s Global Vice President, Ex-Googler Hugo Barra, reported in a YouTube video that you will surely be amazed by watching the Xiaomi’s experience for Smartwatches. Moreover, the mentioned about Xiaomi smartwatch in next few months because they are planning for this too.

Moreover, the Vice President asks to the fans of Xiaomi what features they would like to have in a Xiaomi smartwatch via the video. MiBand is the only wearable device of the brand that is simple fitness tracker.

Most of the products of Xiaomi are sold in Asian market but now they are thinking to spread it throughout the world with a well-made featured smartwatch. However, the success will highly depend how well-featured smartwatch can Xiaomi made at lower price.

Don’t forget to watch the video of Xiaomi’s planning too!



Xiaomi Smartwatch: What Features would you expect?

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