25 Kasım 2014 Salı

Can a phone replace your wallet?




Can you imagine yourself paying goods using your phones? Well that’s possible nowadays, actually few people are doing it but the thing is, it’s not widely use.  Especially for the retailers, they are not yet ready to be fully committed with this situation. There are also advantages and disadvantages that can occur when our phones fully replace our wallets. It can be fast and easy transaction of trades but when it comes to safety or confidentiality, that’s a big question.

Apple Pay might help mobile payments go mainstream though we have other options like Google Wallet and Paypal, but this one can stand out. Apply Pay has stronger security access and easy transaction. Instead of storing the 16-digit number in your mobile, they use a token to be sent to the merchant and the only way to access the token is your fingerprint.  Where it lacks? You need an iPhone 6 to be able to use the Apple Pay, hopefully sooner or later, other iPhone series can access it.

In October 1,2015 EMV credit and debit cards will carry by most Americans. They need to upgrade their credit terminals and this will all be NFC-ready which complete the infrastructure for Apple Pay and Google Wallet.

Can a phone replace your wallet?

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