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This Raspberry Pi Cassette Player Mixed the Old and New Technology to Play Music

Raspberry Pi is a low-cost computing system that allows you to mess around with all kinds of bespoke gadgets from basic components and teaching novices how to code and create things based on your imagination. A British developer and creator Matt Brailsford has used the DIY system to come out with a media server that streams different playlists when cassette tapes are inserted. He combines Raspberry Pi, Spotify and NFC tags to do this.

How does this work?


Inside the cassette player, all standard components have been removed and replaced by Raspberry Pi and several other helper modules such as NFC tag reader (placed in the metal frame top left), the red printed circuit board (PCB), amplifier (the blue PCB below the red PCB), the original volume potentiometer to control the volume and a custom circuit board to connect the buttons of the cassette player to the Raspberry Pi’s General-purpose input/output (GPIO) via micro switches glued beneath the buttons.

The Raspberry Pi itself is running MusicBox version which already has all the Spotify streaming features built in it. A custom module then was developed to handle the button pressed and read the NFC tags that embedded inside the cassettes to select the playlist to play.

When the device was turned on, MusicBox starts up and load the custom module. It will wait for Spotify to connect and loads a list of Spotify playlists into memory. It beeps while waiting.

After the cassette has loaded into the player, the custom module reads the tag’s ID and look for that playlist associated with the ID.  It supports basic functionalities that a recorder should have like Play, Pause, Stop, Next and Previous. Its just come with a beep noise every time a command has been issued.

Based on this information, it seems quite interesting and we cannot wait to try it for ourselves in case if the product is released in the market.

This Raspberry Pi Cassette Player Mixed the Old and New Technology to Play Music

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