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Samsung, Apple and LG are the top three smartphone vendors in Q3 of 2014, Chinese companies not far behind

According to Digitimes Research regarding the global smartphone market, Samsung, Apple and LG topped the list of global smartphone vendors in the third quarter (July-Sept.) of the current year 2014. However, Chinese companies are surging ahead in the smartphone race and it is worth noting that five out of the top 10 global smartphone vendors in the first nine months (January-September) of 2014 were Chinese suppliers.

The three companies Samsung, Apple and LG ranked topmost in the first three quarters of 2014. Chinese companies are not far behind. In Q3, Huawei is at the fourth spot, Xiaomi at fifth and Lenovo is at the seventh position. Although Xiaomi is ranked fifth globally, it tops all other vendors in terms of growth in shipments. Xiaomi has achieved an on-year shipment growth of almost 200%. On the other hand ZTE, which was quite ahead in the list in 2013, ranking eighth among the lot, is no longer in the top 10.

Samsung is leading the pack now but the same cannot be said for it in future because its business is declining. Some of its new smartphones including the Galaxy S5 didn’t do as well as expected. However, the Korean giant is developing a fresh strategy to tackle this and is also making some changes in the top management.

Apple meanwhile is showing strong growth in revenues in the last seven quarters and has posted the highest Q3 revenue ever this year. Its latest smartphones iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus have also been quite successful in the market. According to a latest rumor, Apple is working on developing a new type of camera with a two-lens system on the back camera.

Regarding LG, the company is on a high, recording 39% year-on-year growth with record 18.8 million handsets shipped during the last quarter ended September 2014. Its latest flagship, the LG G3 has done quite well, improving LGs market share. Sales and operating income in Q3 of 2014 were the highest for the company since Q3 of 2009.

Digitimes estimates that the global shipments of smartphones in 2014 will be 1,219 units showing a growth of a little less that 30% over the previous year. In 2015, the global smartphone shipments are predicted to rise by 22% and reach 1,488 billion units, major contributors to the growth being the emerging markets.


Source Digitimes

Via PhoneArena

Samsung, Apple and LG are the top three smartphone vendors in Q3 of 2014, Chinese companies not far behind

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