28 Kasım 2014 Cuma

TouchWiz Themes App for Samsung Leaked Out

Apparently Samsung will soon launch TouchWiz themes app for its flagship smartphone in the near future. TouchWiz is Samsung’s very own customized Android UI which is available for Samsung devices only. Users can expect new additional features which they cannot find it in the other Android smartphones in the market.

Apart from Samsung, HTC was one of the first Android device vendors to start customizing Android UI. TouchWiz offers a lot of useful features, apps, and services but themes were never on the offer. However,recently , there are pictures of Samsung devices, which might possibly be Galaxy A3 or Galaxy A5, leaked out showing a glimpse of various themes which might be offered in the future versions of TouchWiz.  This most probably includes an ability to change color schemes, sounds, icons, backgrounds and some other aspect of UI.

The leaked settings screenshot as per below also suggest that there is a ‘Themes’ section which when you take a look under its section, you can see a couple of themes, a default one and a new theme named ‘Natural’ which changes the wallpaper and icons in the UI. It is not confirmed yet whether Samsung will release an SDK to create themes for this new feature. However, if the tech giant does release it in the near future, we are sure that a lot of themes will be created from the developers.Samsung-Galaxy-TouchWiz-themes-011-TouchWiz-themes (1) 2-TouchWiz-themes

TouchWiz Themes App for Samsung Leaked Out

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