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Alleged front panel for the HTC One M9 spotted

A source has leaked few images of the front panel of the much rumored HTC One M9 and what it appears from the leaked details is that the device could possibly have a very good screen-to-phone-size ratio. Well, we have yet to hear the inclusion of BoomSound speakers at the top and the bottom of the front panel but the reports show that the company is working on making the handset even more slimmer. This means that a more compact handset from the Taiwanese giant is about in making.

Additionally, the source also claims that this is a 5.2” panel which violates the previous rumors that show it to be having a 5.5” display. This means that for the moment, nothing can be said with surety regarding the display size of the handset. However looking to the below images closely, the bezels at the sides seemed to have been squeezed up more. Further details refer to the device having a Quad HD resolution with a Snapdragon 805 chipset with an additional rumor saying the flagship to have an UltraPixel camera with high resolution shooter. Grab all the rumors regarding the device here.

HTC One M9 front panel 1 HTC One M9 front panel 2

source: NWE

Alleged front panel for the HTC One M9 spotted

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