27 Nisan 2015 Pazartesi

The next Samsung flagship might possibly have a dual-camera setup

After HTC initiated the concept of dual-camera setup in its HTC One M8, many other handset manufacturers like Huawei (Honor 6 Plus) and others seem to be following the same path. The dual-camera setup helps in capturing extra depth of information with adding some extra dimensions to images. Now the recent reports coming from the industry show that Korean tech giant Samsung is also coming with a similar dual-sensor camera pattern for its upcoming flagship. Moreover, the reports shows that the dual-camera is currently the new “buzz word” at Samsung Electronics.

However, currently there is no information as to how far have the company reached in its testing of the dual-sensor cameras. Moreover, the functionality and the reason behind the use of the dual-camera is also not revealed. Till now we have seen the two cameras to be used in order to bring in more depth to the images and allowing to re-focus the image after you have captured it. However, they could also be used in properly adjusting the backlight brightness and even for smoother zooming and faster tracking of moving objects.

As translated by Google a quote coming from Samsung Electronics says, “The Company currently has four concepts for the development of dual camera (backlight correction, zoom shooting, highlight, high-speed shooting), which will be complete in the second half of the year, and they will be adopted in the first half of next year.”

source: iNews 24 (translate)


The next Samsung flagship might possibly have a dual-camera setup

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