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Take a look at how huge can be the iPad Pro/Plus

There has been a lot of buzz regarding Apple coming with a larger sized tablet the Apple iPad Pro/Plus reported to be having a 12.9 inch screen. Apple seems to be launching this large sized tablet majorly for the business and educational markets. The Apple iPad Pro/Plus will be taking straight away the competition with the Microsoft Surface Pro 3.

Last week, Sony Dickson arrived with another photos of the iPad Pro/Plus wherein it was seen that one of the cases was measuring dimensions of 307mm x 222mm. this was very similar to the speculation that was made last month wherein the actual tablet had shown up the dimensions at 305.7mm x 222.6mm x 7.2mm. this can also eb a good reason as to believe that the case was actually made for the Apple’s upcoming large-sized slate.

This leads us to strongly believe that this particular accessory must be made for the 12.9inch iPad. Some of the images captured by the French blog NEW has compared it with the 9.7inch Apple iPad Air 2 along with the alleged cases for the iPad Pro/Plus which shows how huge the upcoming Apple tablet could be.

Moreover, other previous leaks have also claimed that the tab;et would be having a quad-speaker system and another port on the side of the slate shows that it could be for a USB-C connector. The tablet is expected to go official later this year. Take a look at the comparison images below.

Comparison-of-case-for-the-Apple-iPad-ProPlus-with-the-Apple-iPad-Air-2 (2) Comparison-of-case-for-the-Apple-iPad-ProPlus-with-the-Apple-iPad-Air-2 (3) Comparison-of-case-for-the-Apple-iPad-ProPlus-with-the-Apple-iPad-Air-2 (4) Comparison-of-case-for-the-Apple-iPad-ProPlus-with-the-Apple-iPad-Air-2 (5) Comparison-of-case-for-the-Apple-iPad-ProPlus-with-the-Apple-iPad-Air-2

Source: NWE (translated)

Take a look at how huge can be the iPad Pro/Plus

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