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Step by Step on How to Undo a Sent Email from Gmail

Gmail has a unique feature whereby you can cancel sending an email which you accidentally sent to the recipient. This feature was around since a few years ago; however, it was experimental and works only for a certain conditions. However, the feature is more stable right now and no longer part of the experiment and millions of users has already enjoying the advantage of this feature. In this article, we are going to show you step by step on how to “undo” the email so that it will not be sent to the recipient eventhough we clicked on the “send” button previously whether it is accidentally or not.

How to “Undo Send”


  1. Click on the “gear” icon on the Gmail top right corner and click on Settings.

  2. Look for “Undo Send” option under the “General” tab.

  3. Enable the feature “Send cancellation period” and select the timing which is more comfortable for you. The recommended timing is “30 seconds”.

  4. Click on “save” to confirm your settings.


How to use the feature

  1. Compose a new email message in Gmail.

  2. Enter the email, subject and message in your email as per normal and click “Send”.

  3. Look for “Undo” option in the notification appeared after you click on the “Send” button.

  4. Click on the “Undo” option.


You are done! With this feature becoming available, you will not have to worry if you send a wrong email, you can always “undo” it back.

Step by Step on How to Undo a Sent Email from Gmail

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