1 Eylül 2014 Pazartesi

Motorola X+1 Passes through FCC Or Another Model?

A new and unidentified Motorola Smartphone has just passed through FCC yesterday although we have not heard much about this. However, the source has confirmed only the dimension of the Motorola Smartphone instead of any of its features. The dimensions are probably 72.6mm width and 140mm height.

According to the given measurements of the Motorola device, we can assume that, Motorola X+1 will soon announce depending on huge news and leaks of its announcement. Moreover, Motorola X+1 passes through FCC is assuming because of its leaked measurement.

On September 3, Motorola has held a meeting regarding to announce the price of Moto 360 and the successor to the Moto X in the market. We are expecting to hear something about the Motorola X+1 announcement during the interview.


Motorola X+1 Passes through FCC Or Another Model?

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