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Apple Wearables Finally!

Apple might not be the first to venture in the wearable market, but we can be certain it is most likely to rein the field. With a huge number of the population obsessed with brand preference, Apple is brewing victory in this avenue. Earlier to enter this way was Samsung designing the Samsung Gear. Suffice it is to say, the Samsung-Apple rivalry continues! Samsung Gear against iWatch. Other competitors are Android Wear, Pebble, OneWatch, Timex Ironman, etc.

What can we expect from Apple?


There is a buzz going on that Apple is working on multiple wearables. Thus, we would not be left with no options when the iWatch is made available to the public. The brand, however, retains it high end quality and we are looking into Apple wearables worth around $400. The anticipated launch would be this coming September 9, although shipping of products would not be until 2015.

As of now, there are very little details presented about the Apple wearables. We are not even expecting the pricing information in the September 9 event. Unfortunately, we can only rely to reports, not necessarily confirmed, and to previous stories. Talking previous statements, it was supposed that Apple is crafting gender particular smartwatches, and would even go far as to catering sport and fashion. Swatch is also rumoured to be one of Apple’s main collaborator. That last piece of information might have raised some eyebrows, but until Apple makes an announcement we are yet to know.

Apple Wearables Finally!

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