20 Mayıs 2015 Çarşamba

Latest Update from Google Map Brings A Translucent Status Bar

Google Map is very useful apps when you want to know where your current location is and how to go to your destination. It is no doubt the most advanced and most accurate mapping apps compared to other apps which also provide the same service. On top of that, the apps can work across platform, whether you are using iOS or Android OS.

During the past few months, it seems like it is going through some small incremental updates to improve the service and the accuracy of the map which in the end will improve the user experience in using the feature. In the latest update, version 9.9, it comes with the changes on the status bar. Therefore, if you are looking at the map, the status bar will turn to more translucent color, compared to the black color before the update. However, in the area of the app which uses standard action bar such as displaying the local business listings and settings, the status bar will turn to blue.

On top of that, you will get some notification at the bottom of the app as you start your navigation as the summary of the route. The app will also let you know whether there is delay or whether you are going by the shortest way to your destination.

Latest Update from Google Map Brings A Translucent Status Bar

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