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Samsung SM-A500: New Member Of Metal-Made Series With 5-Inch Display

Samsung SM-A500 Will Be A New Member Of Metal-Made Smartphone Series

Reports suggest that the Samsung SM-A500 will join the metal-made smartphone series of the company. This brand-new series of the Samsung contains only a single family member yet and that is Galaxy Alpha. Previously, rumors reported that SM-A500 would have the 720p display of 4.8-inch but now some features have been changed.

SamMobile reported that SM-A500 will have a bit larger display than thought previously. It is now expected that the phone would have the same pixel resolution with the 5-inch display. It has been reported also that this smartphone would have full metallic body. The back cover would also be metallic and non-removable, according to the reports. Galaxy Alpha doesn’t have full-metal body though and its rare cover is made from plastic.

No matter what the previous rumors have reported, but latest news from SamMobile suggested that the Samsung SM-A500 would be powered by Snapdragon 400 processor and not by a 64-bit Snapdragon 410 processor. Many mid-range smartphones go for the chipset choice reported by SamMobile for SM-A500, so there is an increase chance that this phone will have Snapdragon 400 processor.

Other features that SM-A500 may have are: 8 MP rear camera and the front-facing camera of 5 MP, internal memory of 16 GB, 2330 mAh battery and microSD card support to increase the storage capacity.

Samsung SM-A500 will surely have the premium touch because of its full metallic design and the features are also great; we can only wait till the launch of the phone to know what more it offers.

Samsung SM-A500: New Member Of Metal-Made Series With 5-Inch Display

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