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Samsung Galaxy Note 4 price and release date revealed

Samsung has taken a wrap off towards its new Galaxy Note 4 during IFA event yesterday although it didn’t provided a clear release date. The company stated that the latest Note 4 will automatically arrive on major stores sometime in October. Big up to the Dutch journal Galaxy Club, this will help us see a specific date for the release: which is October 10th. This is the date whereby the latest Galaxy Note 4 will be launched especially in Netherlands as well as most parts of Europe.

Galaxy note 4How about its release date in the United States? Galaxy Note 4 is expected to be available to at least four of the major carriers, it is well clear that the release date may differ from the one for European release date.



The Galaxy Note 4 cost €799 which is equivalent in to $7799 in the United States. This is a bit expensive to many, for flagships costs $650, but seeing in the past we found out that this is the exact money Note 3 was pricing last year. What does all this mean especially on contract prices? We would guess and say that the same $299 will still be excellent for a two year agreement. As you all know, Samsung has been aggressive for years now with its pricing plans as well as quick reduction of the actual prices.



With all the above information, let’s now review the Galaxy Note 4 specs: it has a 5.7-inch 1440 x 2560-pixel (Quad HD) display, it also run on Android 4.4 KitKat and got the first devices to have the Snapdragon 805 system Chip which usually runs up to 2.7 GHz. This latest device has a main camera of 16-megapixel. A great change has also arrived with the new Galaxy Note 4 for it no longer uses plastic but a full metal frame which gives it much best quality feel.


Samsung Galaxy Note 4 price and release date revealed

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