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Ollie is a new ground-moving drone that you can control with your Smartphone.

ollieWould you like to control a ground- moving drone with your Smartphone? Yes with Ollie you can be able to do several latest things for it has grown a bit. The Parrot’s Jumping Sumo was release a month or so a go. This is a mischievous jumping runt which rolls on two wheels as well as a kind of a mechanism which gives the device an excellent ability to jump up to 31.5 in air. To keep the ball rolling we now have Sphero’s Ollie.



Ollie is a pretty little device which looks like jumbo- sized pill with quality wheels on both sides. It is normally controlled through a dedicated application which usually moves up to 14MPH, not to forget an impressive feat for Smartphone which is controlled by drone.



Additionally, Ollie is designed in such a way to last for 60 minutes after each charge. It also connects with a smart device through Bluetooth LE and is active at a range of up to 98.5 feet (30m). The drone has a removable rubber tires which can be used for better traction or can be removed for a good drifting. The center part of the Ollie body is designed as houses LED lights which usually glow in a great range of colors. The Nubby Tires arrives with several choices of colors as well as making users to customize Ollie appearance.



The app helps users in controlling the direction which Ollie goes although it has a few one-touch –stunt controls so as to have a drone jumping, rotating as well as flipping. You can now get it on both app Store as well as Play Store. There is also a remote control application in Windows Phone store, which is the company product – Sphero. We believe it is the safest as well as assuming that Ollie is about to receive a WP app in future.



This Drone can now be purchased at $99.99. Sphero states that shipping will begin on 15th September. We have a pitch- black limited model of Ollie which costs $149.99, whereby shipping will commence on 1st November. Are you a Drone lover? You need to acquire one and you will be amazed!

Ollie is a new ground-moving drone that you can control with your Smartphone.

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