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Nokia Network 5G Test & Developed by 2020

The Finland based mobile brand Nokia company recent days are not enough good according to the marketing and revenue report. However, the part of Nokia is signing a contract with Siemens in order to set a well established networking unit. With the new deal, Nokia Siemens Networks new name will be Nokia Networks.

Nokia Networks joins the competition with the well known brands like Huawei, Alcatel-Lucent and Ericsson to improve the zone wireless communication network named 5G. Nokia Network 5G Test in Oulu Finland in order to get the data transfer test network to develop next year. A new collaborative model is the main aim of the Nokia Networks that may be painful for the competitors.

However, there is no specification of new 5G network but it will provide 1000 times better capacity of recent LTE network, 10 to 100 times of data transmission rate along with reducing 90% standard energy consumption. Moreover, Nokia 5G mission can also reduce five times of latency. As a result, you will have excess to 500Mbps that is really great to use.

Nokia Network 5G Test & Developed by 2020 1

While Nokia is discussing with NTT DoCoMo, Samsung has also joined in the discussion to have a trial version in Japan. However, the developers can expect the new 5G network by 2020 or 2018.

Nokia Network 5G Test & Developed by 2020

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