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Lenovo Announces two PC’s Horizon 2s and 2e

Lenovo has announced two 20 inch table-top PC’s called Horizon 2e and 2s. Both of them are All-in-One PC’s but they also can be laid on a flat table top enabling 4 users especially gamers to use it at the same time. So, these two devices are aimed at the gaming audience.As you can observe from the image below four gamers are playing the game simultaneously.


Horizon 2s is the slimmer one of the two. It has a 1080 pixel resolution 19.5 inch touch screen display while 2e has 21.5 inch screen. Both supports 10 touch point enabling multiple users to use multiple fingers. Intel processor (4tn Gen) power both 2e and 2s with Windows 8.1  Another feature of these devices is the Aura multi-user interface.

On the connectivity front Horizon 2e/2s have Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 4.0. Both also have NFC connectivity (optional for 2e model), this enables user to connect upto four of their Android phones with Horizon 2s/2e. Through this users can shake transfer their photos from their phones to 2s/2e and can view them on a larger screen.

gsmarena_002 (3)

There are also some optional gaming accessories like strikers (for air hockey), electronic dice or a joystick. These are accessories are shown in the above image. 40 games are specially designed for Horizon by Lenovo. Watch the below video to see this accessories in action.

These devices also have stands if you wish to use them like an All-In-One PC. Both devices are also equipped with batteries in case you don’t want to use a cable. But the battery back-up is only of around two hours .

Lenovo Horizon 2s would be launched in September and priced around $950. The other Horizon 2e costs $750 and would be available in markets in October.

Lenovo Announces two PC’s Horizon 2s and 2e

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