2 Eylül 2014 Salı

iPhone 6 to have a new mobile payment system and NFC: Reports

Earlier in June, there were reports of the upcoming Apple flagship iPhone 6 to be coming with NFC connectivity that will have its own mobile payment system. Last week, new reports showed that the mobile paying capabilities of the iPhone 6 would be one of its main features that we would see during the official unveiling of the handset on September 9th.

The famous Touch ID that identifies the identity of users will also include a way to keep some information about charge cards and other financial data secures. If this new feature turns out to be a real deal, it is surely to take mobile payment system to new levels.

Back in May, Morgan Stanley analyst Craig Hettenbach had confirmed the device to come with a new NFC based mobile payment system. However, we expect to get a stronger confirmation from the company CEO Tim Cook soon on this. Earlier in 2014, mobile payment system was considered to be the major reason behing the development of Touch ID.

Well, the upcoming iPhone 6 is all set to roll on the red-carpet next week and many rumors for the device has elevated the level of anxiety within fans to larger heights. Don’t miss to catch any news pertaining to this upcoming flagship here at Doi-Toshin.

iPhone 6 to have a new mobile payment system and NFC: Reports

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