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iPhone 6 Prices are OUT!

This is probably the tastiest of all kinds of leaked information. The price unconsciously sets our interest on one thing. Although iPhone is a world renowned brand, cost is and will always be an influential factor in decision making. Apparently, price tags of the upcoming iPhone 6 models leaked. Surely this is a report worth paying attention to. The leaked image containing the prices for iPhone 6 models were sourced straight from Hong Kong delivered by Blogger TK Tech News.

If the pricing details shown in HKD are deemed to be correct, there would be changes on the previous assumptions regarding the iPhone 6 prices, considering the currency conversion, taxes, etc. As shown in the picture the iPhone 6 models are differentiated by their size. One measures 4.7” while the other is gauged 5.5”. And they are grouped according to their internal storage capacity namely 16, 32, and 64 GB.


iphone leaked prices

However, if we look at the price difference between of US Apple store page from HK Apple store page for the iPhone 5s, we could see a discrepancy of around $70 to $80. Thus, we can come up with a new set of iPhone 6 prices.

iphone leaked prices 2

Note that we are discussing selling prices under no contract here. What can you say about the iPhone 6’s worth? A mobile phone almost levelling with the price of a 4G-capable iPad Air with 128 GB of storage. Don’t you think the iPhone 6 is a little overly regarded?

iPhone 6 Prices are OUT!

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